Monday, 18 October 2010

Trying to get blood out of a stone.

I am getting a bit pee'd off with all the cheeky buggers who try and sell me something I don't want. I know times are hard, and for some of them their job depends on their sales figures, but I wish they would get off my back and leave me alone.

A couple of weeks ago I had a letter from a garage who had resprayed one side of my car after it was vandalised. I only went to that particular garage because the insurance company specified it. Now they think they are my best friend. They wrote, We note that your MOT certificate is shortly due to expire, if you would like to call us we will fix up an appointment for you, and by the way we can also service your car as well. Well no bloody thank you, I muttered as I binned the letter.

Yesterday I had a call on my mobile, not recognising the number and apologising to the person I was having a conversation with, I took the call. Was I miffed when a male voice said, 'Hi it's Darren from Stoneacre, our records show that your car is due for an MOT test.' I replied, 'Dont worry Darren, it's all taken care of, it's booked in with my man for next week'.

Good grief, they know everything about you don't they, there is no privacy at all, they are lurking round every corner, just waiting to pounce, like vultures.

I had the same problem with the Ford garage who did the repair on the dashboard. They also sent me a pally pally letter, with their special offers. They had the cheek to check over my whole car while it was in there, I never asked them to do that, telling me about the tyre that was down to 3 mil, and the link rods on the front that will need attention. They even said they have to check these things and tell me about any jobs that may need attention. 'Have to' my arse, they are just touting for business.

That same Ford garage sent me a letter about a year ago saying they have found a buyer for my car, someone had taken a fancy to it apparently. In the next sentence they told me about a very good deal on a new car. Me smelling a rat, I rang them, and asked what car I have. They replied, the escort estate. I gave them a right roasting, saying I changed that car two years ago, and don't tell lies about someone wanting my car. More underhanded sales patter.

Every time you go into a shop these days, just as you are about to pay for your purchases, the girl on the till says, 'We have five rolls of pepermints on offer for one pound, would you like some?' I feel like saying, 'Why does my breath smell?' They are like robots, 'Would you like a top up, two bars of chocolate for the price of one, a new slimline rollerball pen, only a quid?' No, for God's sake, NO.

Today I spent £4 in the British Heart Foundation charity shop. As she was giving me my change, she enquired whether I knew about the late night opening and which dates they would be open for Christmas shopping. I said, 'No, I am not interested because I don't do any Christmas shopping.' In fact I don't normally go into that shop at all because the prices are too expensive. She kept on, 'There are free buses as well on the 64 and 28 routes'. Oh I give up.


  1. Ph, I know exactly what you mean and I feel exactly as you do. Went in to a new restaurant in our area, a big chain that has great food and is a treat for me. They also have a 'general store' you can shop in for gifts and old fashioned candies and such. As I was paying my dinner bill the lady tried to tell me all about their candies and even pushed some toward me! I cut her off in mid sentence. I know she was only doing what she was told but if I had wanted any more stuff I would have picked it up and pushed it to her! arghhhh.

  2. The world has gone bonkers. It all revolves around money spinning now. It gets very anoying after a while. You get bombarded with these sale spins all the time. Well, the only thing they seem to achieve with it, is to drive customers away. It stops you from going shopping too often.

  3. I used to hate the double glazing calls that came just as we were sitting down to supper. I great tip from a friend, which always works is, once they've announced themselves, you say "Can you hold on a minute please?", lay the phone down on the table and carry on with what you were doing. I don't like to be rude, but it works every time hee hee

  4. What really irks me are the "official-looking" letters we get. They try to make it look like it is from the government when really it is someone trying to get your money. I feel sorry for the people who fall for it.