Sunday, 3 October 2010

A glass of wine with the cats

I've had a lovely couple of hours with Sue tonight, sat in one of her cat chalets in her back garden, drinking wine and discussing cats, dogs, and men. She has a new mummy cat with two kittens, all black, who were found in a garage. They are so cute. She is also looking after a cat with FIV which has been living in Janets garden. They tried to rehome him but it didn't work out, so now Janet is having a new chalet built in her garden for him, because he has to be kept separate from her other cats. Bobby is gorgeous and was purring contentedly while sitting on my lap.

Stroking cats is such a calming experience, it's lovely to chill out while sitting amongst them. I can see the attraction for Sue when she sit's outside with them while watching her portable TV.

Jessie blind dog has gone home and I miss her already, but the beauty of borrowing dogs is that you see them again. It was a pleasure to look after her, she was no trouble at all, and we rubbed along nicely together. I have a bit of free time coming up in October, I can see some days out in the plan.


  1. Animals are theraphy!
    Enjoy your outings!

  2. Yes a part time dog appeals to me too! :D