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Sunday, 31 October 2010

Happy to be simple

Life is so much more simple when you haven't got much. If you have more than enough money, you have many more decisions to make than if you have nothing. You don't have to decide whether to buy something or not, if you can't afford it you just forget about it. If you forget about it you don't need it.

I used to be tempted to pop into the local shop when out for a walk, should I get chocolate or sweeties? I would tell myself I deserved a treat. Why? I dont know, it just made me feel better. I ended up having a treat nearly every day, how silly. Now I don't take any money with me, easy, I don't need a treat. I nearly bought a bottle of wine yesterday, but then I remembered I had one last weekend, so this weekend it was fruit juice from the fridge diluted with half water. I survived without the wine.

I am sitting here wearing two sweatshirts, one I bought for work six years ago, and one which was given to me. My cheap slippers look a mess, they fell apart and I stuck them together with gaffer tape. I am wearing three teeshirts, two were cheapo's from the market and one was given to me. My socks were also given to me. I have got a wardrobe full of clothes, some of which are very old, some from charity shops, and some were given to me. I dont buy new clothes, but I might make an exception next week. I need some decent looking warm casual jog type trousers for my trip to London. First I will look in the charity shops, then the discount stores, or the sales.

I have no heating on, I don't need it. Although it does work, (thanks to the government Warm Front grant), I am resisting the temptation to switch it on, until I am freezing. I am saving my money for my trips out.

Keeping things simple has also helped me fill out my tax return, I have just done it online, it was very easy. Most of it was completely alien to me, and required no entry in the box. I am so glad I have no spouse, no dividends from companies, no money from trusts, no interest from gilt-edged and other UK securities, no life insurance, and no stock dividends. My goodness what a headache that would be. Life is much simpler if you have nothing.


  1. On the subject of stocks, securities and all that financial malarkey.

    A couple of years ago, I was sitting with a couple of my colleagues. They were discussing investments, and one had been going on at some length about Unit Trusts.
    I could see the other bloke looked a bit puzzled until, when the first chap paused for breath, he tentatively said,
    "So, if I've understood you correctly, you've put all your money into a Eunuch's Truss..."

  2. Love your blog, you are a lady after my own heart. I am still working on my simple life.. getting there slowly....

  3. OMG Cyberkim, that is so funny. You've cheered me up no end.

  4. Very true, what you said about simple living. If you haven`t got much, there is less to worry about.

  5. We haven't used any form of heating since mid February - if we are chilly in the evenings we put on another layer or wrap up in a blanket. I'm busy hand quilting a lap quilt ( made from an old curtain and the innards of a worn out quilt) at the moment so my legs have been toasty warm tonight! I agree completely about living simply - we've never really had much in the 27 years we've been married, but so long as we have each other we feel like the richest people on Earth.

  6. since we've moved and de-cluttered, a lot of things were just that, things which were just not important anymore and taking up space and it was really easy to give them to charity. Just need to sort out the rest of the house now :-)

    Josie x

  7. I agree totally. In that vein, this might amuse you



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