Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Pussycats looking for a new home

There was a bit of a crisis yesterday, my friend rang me to tell me of two cats who were homeless and living in a car. They are the victims of a domestic breakdown, people moved out, the house was emptied and locked up, and no one bothered to take the cats. The kindly next door neighbour put them in her car and fed them.

I gave my friend some phone numbers of rescues to try, but no one has any room. So they are here in my brick outhouse which is in the passageway just outside the back door. I have cleared most of the stuff out and made them a cosy little den. They can sit on the window ledge and look out over the garden.

One is a ginger boy called Tiger, and the other a tabby girl called Lilly, they are brother and sister and about 18 months old. Today they have been hiding a lot, but tonight Tiger came out and let me stroke him. Hopefully they will be moving into a chalet in Sue's garden at the weekend, when one becomes vacant. It would be lovely if we could find them a nice home, and preferably together. I'd better start asking around tomorrow.


  1. You are a wonderful kind person Ilona,i would do exactly the same thing,i live in an area where there are so many stray cat's roaming around at night, looking for food,it break's my heart,i put a bowl of food out everynight to try and help,people are so cruel to just dump their Pet's,and walk away,i don't know how they live with themselves.

  2. I am the unofficial cat lady here in my trailer park. I feed 3 everyday outside and who knows how many more stop by I don't see. People move in & out of trailer parks the way they do apartments (flats) and often leave the cats behind. Of course sometimes the opossum visits at night to scoop up leftovers and the other other night there were 3 big raccoons eating the left over car food. I should say also that we are in the suburbs and not the country, but when critters are hungry they know where to find food.

  3. It breaks my heart to think of people just dumping their pets like this. I have said this before and I will say it again, you have a heart of gold Ilona and the world is a better place for having people like you in it. I'm praying that Tiger and Lilly will find a loving home very soon♥♥

  4. Just what happened next door here in the Mid-West last winter. We could nt catch them but did feed them but the bitter cold got them in the end I think.
    They were house cats but when the people moved out they just released them. Cats like this lead miserable short lives and its so sad.

  5. i cant beleive peole can do this its so cruel have had two of my own cats that both sadly got run over one in grantown and one in inverness :-( wish i hadnt always lived near a main road but i did have them for a few good years even tho that happened wish i cud get another but i think even tho my dad cursed the last one called Cash he loved him so cant see him taking in another even tho it was two years ago btw i love ur blog n u shud ignore the negative people because they dont understand u and like u said b4 they r trolls!!! xxx

  6. Thank goodness for kind hearts like yours!
    My Salem is a rescue cat, and due to his previous experiences I do keep him indoors now.
    At least this way I know he is safe.
    Unfortunately, too many people buy cute little kittens, then disguard them as they get to be a hanful. Miserable existences await many thereafter. Humans can be such arsholes!!

  7. It is a sad thing that many people will think nothing of abandoning cats, its an attitude that I simply don't understand. They have been so lucky to have you nearby... fingers crossed that they find loving homes soon. :-)

  8. Here's hoping the wee mites find a loving home soon!