Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Shades of autumn

This is a little piece of tree art that I made, while walking through the wood nearby. There are a lot of different coloured leaves around now, so I picked a few up and attached them to this tree using thorns.

I have layered the leaves using different sizes and contrasting colours of the same type of leaf. Some of them were still green and growing, and some had turned shades of browns and reds, and had fallen to the ground.

Some of these I pinned up a week ago and they are still there having survived the rain and wind. Today I replaced the dried up and shrivelled leaves with fresh new coloured ones.

Ben dog got a bit fed up waiting for me while I went backwards and forwards looking for the right leaves.


  1. I think that is lovely! The leaves look so beautful and I would be delighted to find your little bit of nature art if I was walking through the woods!

    I used to do things like that a while back after I did forest school leader training, but I haven't bothered for a long time... perhaps you will inspire me next time I see an opportunity!

    Makes me think of Andy Goldsworthy :)

  2. that looks great! not been for a walk for ages...
    Josie x

  3. I'm certain everyone walking by and seeing your artwork cannot help but smile:) How wonderful♥ Wish we had autumn leaves here:( As a child I loved to walk and hear all the leaves crunching underneath my feet♥ Eh happy days......

  4. Wonderful Ilona, I really love them.
    You are so inventive, the colours are beautiful I hope lots of people see this and do it in their neck of the woods.