Saturday, 9 October 2010

It's the birds

There is a very strange exhibition on at the moment at the 20 21 Arts Centre in town. The artist, Paula Chambers has used stuffed birds for her works, which she bought off ebay. Each one is dressed up and positioned inside an individual glass case, in it's own contemporary diorama. The scenes are rather sinister. Every bird is splattered with droplets of blood, apparently after the murder of a human, who is then consumed by the bird. This one is cooking it's victim in a pot over a fire

This bird has it's victims shoe in it's mouth, who was possibly a little girl having a picnic.

The canary has stabbed the baby in the high chair.

And this jackdaw is playing nanny to the baby in the pram, who has mysteriously gone missing.

I can't work out why the duck has blood on it's face,

This bird has dumped a childs blood stained glove in the waste bin.

I might have to go and have another look at it to understand it, the brochure describes it as unsettling.
I walked home from town, and took this photo of a tree which has grown through a wire mesh fence. There used to be a lot of overgrown hedges alongside this fence, which is at the front of a car sales pitch, and when they hacked them all down it revealed several of these lumps of wood. They hang suspended with the wire fence completely engulfed. Quite interesting I thought, and very arty.


  1. This artist certainly had a wierd sense of humour.

  2. bit creepy but what s the message ? Environmental ? and who killed the birds in the first place ?
    I ll stick to Body Worlds !

  3. It is a bit creepy actually, I don't like stuffed animals at all. But at least she didn't kill them and stuff them herself. Who knows what goes through an artists head ;o)