Sunday, 10 October 2010

Must be carefull with my spending

I'm going to be skint for the next couple of months, there is a lot to pay out. The car has just cost me £100 for the repair, the instrument cluster behind the dashboard had to be replaced, but guess what, the mileometer has gone back to zero, so I guess I have a new car now, ha ha, I wish.

Next month is the MOT and I know there will be more repairs, the front roll bar link rods need replacing, it has started to clunk a bit when going over bumpy roads. I have had this car almost four years, so maybe it's time to think about updating, possibly around the middle of next year.

Then it's the insurance in December, I am thinking about changing it to Third Party Fire and Theft, I'll ask my broker when I get the quote through. Yes I do use a broker, always have done, the same one since I started driving, and they always find me the best deal.

I think we have gas and electricity to pay for in November, not too worried about that but all the bits soon mount up.

Then I have my London trip to pay for. I have just booked an extra night at the hostel which has brought the total to £101.50 for six nights. I booked the extra night to tie in with the train times, to get the cheaper tickets you have to go in the middle or towards end of the day, and I didn't want the journey to eat into the time I have to enjoy myself in London. Also by arriving on the Saturday evening means I can look around the Sunday markets.

I could use National Express Coaches and only pay £1 each way. I seriously thought about it, as that would have been a good saving, but as an ex coach driver I could not face that five and a half hour journey on the motorway. I have seen enough motorways to last me a life time, and sitting trapped in a seat for that length of time, how awful.

You will be pleased to know however, that I went on the bus to town to get my train tickets, and walked back, so a bit of car use saved there. So, no little treats for me for the rest of this month, and untill the middle of November. I have got no spare money. It's a good job I bought a bag of treacle toffee yesterday then, well it was on offer from Thorntons, reduced to 49p as it's on the last date. A bargain I thought. I love treacle toffee.


  1. I did a coach trip from London to Inverness last year (left home at 5am to get to London... arrived in Inverness at 10pm) it was dire. I still travel by coach but now I arrange a visit to my cousins in Glasgow and spend the night there to break my trip!

  2. I think you might not save anything on 3rd party F and T only Ilona, when I checked it out on renewal of mine it was actually dearer than fully comp as a lot of insurers don't seem to offer it - very odd....

  3. A few years back we went to London for the day. Caught the early bird train from Manchester straight into Euston. It was a super Virgin express one and was so quick and smooth. A lot different from the trains I travelled on many moons ago:) When do you leave Ilona? How exciting. You will get to see all the Christmas lights and decorated shops etc. My sister has a little sweet stall in her local market hall and treacle toffee is alwyas a good seller. Linda xx

  4. Good choice, to take the train. It`s a lot more comfortable and you can get up and stretch your legs, visit the loo, or go to get a cuppa. Have a great time out!!