Saturday, 16 October 2010

Something for the weekend

I have a little friend for the weekend, Teddy lives round the corner, there is no one in the house they have all gone away. Isn't he a cutie. He makes me laugh when we are out walking, dashing here and there, stopping to look at everyone, with his little tail wagging frantically. He's a very happy dog.

Not so much fun in the house though, he wants to play with the cats but they don't want to play with him. He follows them about, and whimpers if they ignore him, which they do most of the time. Last night I took him home at 11pm because I knew I would not get any sleep if he was left to wander around the house. I don't get my full quota of sleep anyway, Lilly cat sees to that when he climbs all over me, and pats my face with his paw. He will not settle untill I lift the covers and stretch my arm out so he can curl up under my armpit.

I have just taken Teddy out for his second walk and dropped him off at his house for a couple of hours, to give me and the cats a bit of peace. There is a little bit of jealousy going on here. Lilly is worried that he might get left out, because of the new cats, and the dogs that visit, he continually shadows me. Bugsy is a lot less clingy, he takes all the comings and goings in his stride, preferring to lounge in the back window sill looking out over the garden. I have told him he must chase off the black and white cat who comes to steal the food, but he will not lift a paw to help.

In between all this opening and closing doors to let cats in and out, and to keep Teddy in, I am doing a bit of sewing. More shopping bags are on the production line, I'm making them out of curtains I got from the Scrapstore before it closed, and very nice they are too. I'll post a pic when they are ready.


  1. he sounds like a proper little terrier :D

  2. My sister in law, Lorraine has a little dog just like Teddy. She is called Bonny, as they rescued her from an illegal breading farm in Scotland.