Friday, 15 October 2010

Couldn't be bothered

I have an apology to make to Lancashire Lass, I can't do a revue of Dirty Harry because I did not go to see it. Yes, I was going to go, then I thought about it right up untill it was time to leave. Can I be bothered to get changed, do I want to drive 13 miles there and 13 miles back, is it important that I see it, and do I want to pay £3 for something that does not really matter. I watched the clock and as it reached 6.50pm, I thought, I should be going now, if I am going. I just went off the idea, and watched The Apprentice on the iplayer instead.


  1. Hi, Ilona - I`m just the same; by evening I just can`t be bothered to get dressed up to go anywhere. Depressing, isn`t it, when we remember how enthusiastic we were when young. Maybe this is the true meaning of `getting old`. Sigh! Maybe there should be more morning entertainment! Ha ha.

  2. Hi Lynn, I am definately more alive in the morning. If they showed films at 9am I would be up, washed, dressed, had breakfast, and ready to go.