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Thursday, 14 October 2010

A warm welcome at Breighton Cats Lodge

I had a skive off yesterday, went to visit my friends Janet and Alan at their cattery near Selby. I hadn't been since May, so it was lovely to have a catch up. They are not able to go out anywhere due to their dedication for their animals, as well as their own cats their pens are nearly always full of boarders. So friends and family visit them.

And boy did they make me feel welcome. There was a delicious spread, of which I stuffed myself, well you have to eat everything put in front of you, don't you? It is polite to clear your plate. My word, I suffered later though. I was late leaving and called in Tesco on the way past for a few bits, so I didn't arrive home till after 11pm. My stomach was hurting that much I had to stop up till 1am walking about to shake some of it down. I definately don't need any breakfast this morning, what a pig I am.

Janet buys her cat food in bulk, and she lets me have a big bag of Vitapurr dry food at the price she pays for it, which is a bargain, and luckily my cats love it.
The plan for today? Go and fetch Ben dog now, walk him then bring him back here, as he is on his own for a long time. His owner is not coming back till 7pm. Then I am taking Sue to do a home inspection as she is rehoming another one of her kittens. And tonight I am going to the Ropewalk Arts Centre to watch a film. It's called Dirty Harry, Michael Caine stars, only £3, and a nice cosy little makeshift cinema. Toodle Pip.


  1. Sounds like a very enjoyable day, I shall be mucking out the house in order to make it habitable again LOL

  2. You certainly have your days mapped out alright! Have a nice time at the mini cinema.

  3. What a wonderful couple Janet and Alan are♥ I love the cat sign and I've checked out their web site before and what a marvellous home away from home they have for our furry four legged friends:) I had to google Dirty Harry with Michael Caine as I only remember the Clint Eastwood one. Perhaps you could write a movie review for us? It sounds as though it contains a lot of violence:( Linda xx


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