Friday, 17 December 2010

The first step on the ladder

I took this photo in Burton upon Trent, last week. Why would I want a photo of a small house with a big tree in the front garden?

Because this is the first house I ever bought, this is where it all started. A little terraced house in a quiet cul de sac on the outskirts of Burton, near the hospital. This house got me on the property ladder in 1976. My first mortgage, and the cost of major renovations, kept me skint for many years. Every penny I had went into it, new concrete floors, wet rot, dry rot, woodworm, and rewiring, were all put right. Couldn't afford new windows or a kitchen so I had to make do with second hand stuff and decorate it myself.

Times were hard. I worked hard and didn't have the money to go out because it all went on the house. Twelve years later I sold this one and bought another house, a three bedroom semi, a step up the ladder. Once again I had no money. I had to borrow £3,000 to put new windows in and a new front door, the old ones were falling apart. I put all the money from the first house into this one, and once again I was skint. Luckily the £3,000 was loaned from a friend and I didn't have to pay any interest. I would never borrow money if I had to pay interest. I couldn't afford to have central heating put in so I managed.

Now I am on my third house. I put every penny from the sale of house number two, into this one. I stretched myself to the limit, paid as much as I could leaving me no spare cash. I had a partner at the time who was going to move in with me, he had plans for the house and would pay his share. He let me down, all his dreams were just that, dreams.

I know I haven't got a lot of possessions, but I have enough. I look around me and I am proud of myself, everything is mine because I have worked for 45 years, and paid for it. There is a little bit left to pay on the house, and I could easily pay it off if I step up the scrimping, but the small mortgage is easily manageable, and isn't it time I had a little enjoyment out of life?


  1. You get out there and enjoy yourself Ilona !
    Watch the snow, and have a great weekend :0)

  2. You`ve done yourself proud! You deserve a treat now and again, so enjoy yourself!
    I could never buy. Even with both our incomes I would find it hard to pay a mortgage. I`ll have to be content with an old council house. It`s ok, and a few DIY tasks made it liveable.
    It`s not modern, but useable. We are warm and snug during the winter, and that is all that matters.

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  4. The above comment has been removed because it was spam, advertising a business. Ilona

  5. Go girl, you have done so well. It's a big achievement for any couple with 3 incomes, so to have done it alone is something to be very proud of. I would agree with what you said about "make do with second hand stuff and decorate it myself", we couldn't have got so much work done if we hadn't been prepared to "have a go".
    Well done you!

  6. I dearly love a strong-woman-makes-good story and yours is certainly one of them. Thank you for sharing your struggles and your rise to the good life of your own making!

  7. Honored that you visited my site, MQ! Only recently discovered you and was embarrassed that I hadn't yet added you to my blogroll. You're on there now! I guess you can tell that I thoroughly enjoy your blog posts--thx!

  8. How kind of you dmarie. I lurk everywhere, call me nosey, ha ha. Tis a nice way to spend a Saturday night in, flitting around the blogs.


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