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Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Raising funds for our rescue cats

This geriatric hippy has decided to become a born again flower child, ha ha. Remember, 'Let's go to San Francisco', and 'Flowers in the Rain?' Well here is me with flowers on my face. Thank you to Helen, the face painting lady.

I have spent the afternoon in the school hall with hundreds of screaming kids, and what fun we had. Me, Sue, and Janet had our Cat Rescue stall at the Christmas Fair. We made £50 for our rescue cats, this will help pay for their food and vets fees. Unfortunately we didn't sell many of the shopping bags I made. We put a price of £1.75 on them but maybe people thought that was too much. Perhaps this was not the right place to sell them, because most of our customers were children buying things for around one pound or less, spending their pocket money.

We did a raffle which was drawn at the end of the event, and all the prize winners had left and gone home. I have just had the job of ringing them to arrange where I should deliver the prizes. That was enjoyable to tell them the good news that they had won.

So, our Cat Rescue is officially launched, let's hope we don't get snowed under with lots of cats, we can only manage a few at a time. Talking of snow, aren't we going to get a load more in the next few days :0(


  1. Well done on what you raised! what a pity the bags didn't sell after the time you spent making them. I'm sure however that it was just the wrong market for them! I'm sure they would sell out fast with a few more adults around!

    We've just had our school fair (I came home with some lovely reindeer - pop on to my blog for a photo if you like - it's a great craft-y idea!) and this week the children are extremely loud and excitable with the play, the pantomime trip and the christmas lunch and party going on... I'd appreciate a bit more snow if it meant the term could end a day early, I'm worn out!

  2. Well done on making the £50 though. It is normally quite hard to sell stuff at school fairs that isn't child orientated...but now you know for the summer fair :0)
    Have a great weekend Ilona, and wrap up warm.
    Hope you've got your car cheque by now!
    Take care,
    Donna x

  3. hey, flowers look good on you!

  4. well done on £50. Have you thought of perhaps opening an etsy or folksy shop online or ebay to sell the bags, other cats protection sell stuff because I'm always buying sewing magazines from them!

    Josie x

  5. well done on the fund raising, there will be so many cats and other animals in need this Christmas, particularly with this very cold weather x

  6. You're looking good, flower-child :-D

  7. Love the flowers Ilona. It reminds me of the Karnival in Koeln, when I was participating on a float with a friend and her organisation, dressed up of course!

    I save all my books, old ornaments, THINGs from me or what people give me and take them to my friend "the cat lady" who keeps cats that people don't want, usually old or something wrong with them. She does not get any charity funding. She has car boot sales and has stands at various halls & functions to raise money.

    Long Live Cats!


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