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Sunday, 23 January 2011

A pleasant Sunday

I've had a right lazy day today. Another little bonfire, this time 10 years of wage slips, and wads of business stationary which I didn't get round to using, have gone up in smoke. Then the phone rang, it was my friend Carol from down south, with a tale of woe. Just as she was about to move house, her buyer pulled out, what a bugger, so she has lost the house she wanted, and has to start all over again. We were on the phone for over an hour, catching up with our gossip. I soon cheered her up, and we had a giggle. Me and Carol have known each other since we were ten, she is my best friend.

Henry choc lab arrived at just after 1pm, and it wasn't long before he was whining to go out. I wasn't going to get any peace so off we went to Normanby Hall, about two miles away. The hall itself wasn't open, but you can walk around the grounds.

There was lots of families about, the car park was full. It's ideal for kids, there are peacocks wandering about, a tea room, a shop, a deer park with a pond, woods to walk in, a duck pond, and a play ground. The kids just love bouncing on the branches of this tree.

On the way back we saw Paul and his two black labs, we have arranged to meet tomorrow morning at the church, so all three dogs can romp together. That will be nice, I quite like Paul :o) Do you think that sounds like a date, ha ha.
Got to go, Henry wants to play ball, he gets bored very easily. Toodle pip.


  1. Is Normanby Hall open during the warmer months? I know a lot of the larger homes are closed during the winter period. Gee it looks lovely and I'm wondering if you have been inside?

    Oh dear I have paperwork going back to 1982. I would love to have a little bonfire but we are not allowed, I do have an electric shredder though but it seems to take ages.

    Don't forget to let us know how your date goes (wink wink) xxxx

  2. Yes, Man Lass, it is open in the summer. I have been inside and it is very interesting, several rooms are open with period furniture. I haven't been in for ages though because there is a charge. There is a very nice walled vegetable garden and hot houses. The stable block is the workers quarters, potting shed, old agricultural machinery, office, and sitting room with a range.

  3. I remember happy afternoons out at Normanby Hall when we visited my Lincolnshire Granny. Playing in the gardens with my cousins from Lincoln and Broughton. Now we are all over fifty so that was a very long time ago! Good to know that it is still there and still open for people to enjoy.

  4. Paul ????? A love interest MQ???

  5. Well that's how it all started in "101 Dalmations" LOL


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