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Monday, 21 March 2011

Back to front bag

There are two sides to every bag, the front side and the back side. Here's one I knocked up today, who says the back and front have to be the same colour?

I have several curtain samples, but they are all different, and not enough fabric in one piece to make a bag, so I picked out two contrasting colours. It has a cream coloured lining, with three layers on each side making it a thick and sturdy bag.

I shall be taking it to the Arts Centre tomorrow.


  1. Nice bag, the colours look great together!

    do you use a special machine needle for the curtain fabric and the thick layers?

    Josie x

  2. the colours go very well together - looks good x

  3. How imaginative! Great bag!

  4. Ooh that's lovely - the colours and patterns complement each other and depending on outfit just flip it round! Any chance of a pattern/tutorial? :-D rx

  5. I really love those colours. Pity you didn't live closer, I have a lovely silky curtain which I just can't throw away, came from my Mum's. I might make something of it though.

    I can just see you using that tartan fabric combined with a bit of lace and some buttons! Or a dog coat maybe.

  6. How interesting that you should make this Ilona. My Gran told me that during war-time rationing, if you were lucky enough to get wool, or you unravelled another knitted item, you could knit yourself a sweater with one side a different colour to the other. When worn under a jacket, you couldnt tell and it gave you 2 sweaters instead of just one.

  7. great quality bags, nice work Iona!

  8. Hi Ilona, thought you might be interested in this free book which is popular on Blogger

    Makes a change from blogs and the TV anyway :)

  9. Hi Ilona, love your blog. Do you know where frugal queen has gone? Missing her blog lots!

  10. Hi Lynne, sorry, I don't know what has happened to Frugal Queen, can't help you there.

    Thanks for the link Emma, interesting.

    A great idea Kath, if I was a knitter I might try that, ha ha.

    Cushion covers out of the curtain perhaps, Campfire? The tartan will come in handy when it's time to make winter bags, thanks.

    Ruthdigs, I made it to the same pattern as the blue bag, perhaps I ought to do a tutorial about that. The thing is you can make it to any size you want, I tend to make a template first out of paper for the bag, then use whatever fabric I have left for the handles. I had to make a seam in the centre of these handles because I didn't have a piece long enough for the whole length.

    My apologies to the people who don't have much sewing experience, I must remember that not everyone can cobble something together from an idea in their head. I am not very good at explaining how to do something, must try harder.


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