Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Such a lot to do.

I can't seem to catch up with things, I've got loads to do, my fault for keep skiving off. You should see the state of the house and garden, I'm all behind. The cooker and microwave need cleaning, washing wants doing, carpets need Dysoning, and I can't see out the windows.

I have made a start on the seed sowing, but I need to get some more hoss muck and compost for the raised beds. I spotted a pile of soil in the churchyard where they have dug a couple of graves, wonder if they will let me have some of that. Must ask Graham the gardener.

I've been slacking a bit on the litter picking so I had a session this morning. I took two bags out with me and went into the woods at the back of the church. There is a path that goes along the backs of the houses, and a snicket, or ginnel, or whatever you like to call it, which goes from the road with all the posh houses, down to the woods. It's a polular dog walking route. I could see that there was quite a lot of rubbish been thrown from the path, down the bank into the woods, so I scrambled down there and filled my bags.

I was disgusted to see a wrecked TV set, a big piece of yellow plastic from a childs toy, loads of bottles and cans, and masses of bags of dog poo. Some people really are the pits. I was so mad about it that I picked it all up and hauled the rubbish back up the bank and left it in a big pile on the foot path so everyone could see it. I will leave it there for a few days, hoping it will make a few people feel a bit guilty, but I won't hold my breath.

I was hoping to get a free health check today. It was advertised in the free paper, they were having the sessions in the library, so I turned up at 2pm. Sorry, I was told, 'we have had that many people come along that we can't take any more, some have been waiting for an hour and a half '. They did it last Thursday but I wasn't here, and they will be doing it again next Tuesday, and I won't be here because I am going away again. Boohoo :o( I can't have a free health check.

Yesterdays bag is up for sale in the Arts Centre, and they have sold another cat food pouch bag. I have started on another, I can't churn them out quick enough.

I was hoping to get a map for my trip next week, but the library didn't have the one I wanted, neither did WH Smiths or Millets, so it's looks like I will have to print it off the internet. Another job to do.

I was on the phone this morning to Severn Trent Water, and Anglian Water, we have two suppliers here for the water and sewerage. My enquiry was because I think I have been paying to much to Severn Trent, they should have reduced my payments when I had a water meter fitted by Anglian, and they didn't. With a bit of luck they will owe me some money. Keeping my fingers crossed.


  1. Oh I am with you on the litter thing Ilona. Every morning I take my dogs to the park and I am constantly disgusted by the picinic litter left on and around the benches. The bins are TWO strides away!!! We do have a nice bin-man, but I cannot bear to leave it there and most days I collect it and put it in the bin, to stop it blowing around and making our neighbourhood look horrible.
    Glass bottle are my particular bugbear, SO dangerous left lying in the grass for some idiot to smash. Dont get me started :-O

  2. Litter makes me so angry too. I don't know how people can be so uncaring to just discard things as they do. Today I found a sandwich wrapper and a beer bottle about 20 feet away from a bin! It's disgraceful.

    Are you going to tell us where you're off to next week?!

  3. I'm off to Thurlby Hostel near Bourne, Lincolnshire, Louise. Another cheapie trip. Want to bag a lot of miles on this one because it's flatter.

  4. Ilona you are such a good neighbour. I hope that the people around appreciate you.

  5. Get out and about while you can, housework will always be there. Save it for really rainy days (and still check at lunch time)
    Love your pictures of the countryside; nothing like a good tramp about this time of year.
    Would love to see pictures of your veggie gardens when they are up and running.

  6. On recent trips back to the UK I cannot believe how much litter I am seeing around. Also the chewing gum which has been spat out on the ground, absolutely disgusting:( No respect for your Country and surroundings. Thank goodness there are wonderful folk like yourself Ilona. Well done on another bag sale and fingers crossed you receive some money back. Oh how wonderful another trip away♥ xx

  7. Having grown up in Germany I always thought that Germans were pritty disgusting with litter.
    But Brits are the pits! The cleanest country I`ve ever been to must be Denmark. Mind you, I have not re-visited for the last 30 years. It might well have gotten worse since my visit, then.
    I`ve grown up with the idea that you take your rubbish home with you. When on outings I always bag my rubbish and take it to the next available bin, or home. Just think how clean this country could be if attitudes could be changed overnight.

  8. What gets me with dog poo is when you see bags of dog poo been thrown in bushes, that seems the norm here. People have obviously been bothered to pick up after their dog and then throw the bags in the bushes rather than putting in the dog poo bin or taking them home, this really bugs me! x

  9. Here here. Me too with the litter. Unfortunately we live on a road which has a school and a shop at the end of it. Consequently when i step out of my front door there is litter everywhere. The next door garden is the worsed. Also the dog poos bags are everywhere and so is the poo itself. How great it is that you go out and pick up the rubbish. Fab work. Maybe there is something I can do around this area.

  10. I really admire you Ilona for picking up other people's rubbish.
    I'm with dubgirl on the bags of dog poo, what's the point of bagging it up and then throwing it away? That's making even more litter than if they'd just left it.

  11. You are an inspiration Ilona, enjoy your next trip !!
    twiggy x

  12. I look after a goodish stretch of the Trans Pennine Trail and find the litter situation amazing. It's not so much things dumped but where the trail is near certain estates, Morrisons or other retail outlets, there are sandwich packs, takeaway boxes, plastic bottles and lots of other stuff. Maybe the supermarkets should be held responsible for some of that crap.

    On the subject of dog pool, lots of folk don't even put it in a bag but just leave the **ap lying there for people to tread into.

    It's hard not to pick it up Ilona, and pity nobody sees them doing it. Yes, the housework will always be there the next day..... or few days. I hope you're enjoying the good weather. I've been painting a Millennium milepost on the Sustrans trail today.