Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Go on, you can afford it!

I would like to say a big THANK YOU to all those people who dash round the supermarkets putting anything and everything in their trolley, without a thought as to how much it costs. I often stand gawping with my mouth open when I follow one of these crazy shoppers through the tills and watch their bill rocket sky high. How much!!! I chuckle to myself when I look at my meagre few cheap items in the bottom of my small trolley, the reduced and the supermarket own brands, buying hardly anything that isn't on special offer.

I read on a forum that people have noticed that their Value, Basics, or whatever, have started to disappear from the shelves. They cannot find items that they have always been buying. I feel alarm bells ringing here. Own brands are sold as loss leaders, when you can buy a jar of curry sauce for 9p, someone somewhere is not making a bean out of it, they are losing money. These cheapos are to get punters into the store, but now people are having to rely soley on them to survive. Of course Supermarkets cannot go on losing money so they have to find a way to claw some back, and that is to discontinue certains lines that lose the most money, so we, Jo Public, are forced to cough up more dosh.

So this is my plea to all those posh people who read my blog, if there are any :o) please please please keep on filling those trolleys with anything you like. It doesn't matter how much it costs, you have worked hard for it and you can afford it, so be my guest, treat yourself....every day if you like. Because if you stop buying, I am not going to be able to get the dead cheap food that gives me life.


  1. Too right! I work with people who won't shop in Tesco or Asda, it's beneath them....carry on that's what I say, they need to buy the posh stuff so I can buy the cheapo brands, I've been buying them for years and I think they're great, I know perfectly well what you mean though.

  2. Well I know a few people who almost apologise for getting something from Aldi. They just haven't updated themselves. When Aldi first came into the UK, they did sell a lot of things I wouldn't have bought, but I bought the tinned beans as they were about 7p. Those were the days but I think Aldi's quality is great nowadays, especially the deli and I can be round there in 1/4 the time I can in ASDA. Also, once, the assistant loaded all my shopping onto the till, then put it into my trolley (I was talking to a friend and didn't realise he had come back to the till). Now you wouldn't get THAT in ASDA, would you?

  3. I work with people who will only shop at M and S and Waitrose.

  4. A good observation.
    I shop at Sainsburys for "basics", and fill in from Lidl, and B+M for cheap short shelf life but quality.
    I wouldn't shop at Asda, Tesco or Aldi....I've got friends who are unfortunate enough to have to work there

  5. I absolutely agree. We've stocked up on various v*lue items because they seem to be disappearing off the shelves.
    Also buy alot from reduced section.
    Save a fortune this way.
    I don't understand people who buy huge amounts of food. Our budget for 2 is £60 per month not £60 per week!

  6. LOL. There are still some posh people around. I know one young couple with two young children. Both mom and dad work at high paying jobs and never have a dime to their name. They'd rather spend it on posh clothes, flowers and luxury items every day, fancy dinners and expensive travel now and then. The daughter (the mom) couldn't have her mom over for her 66th birthday this past month because she had no money! Please, keep shopping at expensive stores so that some of us can still buy what we need ;-)

  7. Ooooo I agree, I went into B & M Stores and Home Bargains today and picked up some bargainous stuff that would have cost 4 and 5 times as much in the big supermarkets.

  8. Ihave also noticed the cheap value brands missing from shelves! Though not seen Lidl any busier recently. I know similar types that willonly shop at Sainsburys and M & S - ridiculous but then again they also drive urban 4X4's so enuff said about that sort really!

    We will have to start making out own pasta's and such if they remove the value brands!

    Will start to stock up as and when possible - good advice!


  9. Yep, B & M and Home Bargains stock food which is cheaper than supermarket prices, always worth a look if you are passing. Poundstretcher stock a small range of food, but not everything is cheap, check for reduced price out of date stuff there. Poundland is not always the cheapest for food, plus they sell a lot of junk food, crisps fizzy pop etc. I can never find any cheap food at Wilko's, don't know why they bother stocking it. Always a good idea to check these places for pet food, special offers.

    I don't do Lidl very often because it is at the wrong end of town, but I get the odd bits from Aldi, and can never find the offers in the jumbled mess at Netto.

    Only stock up on the items you know you are going to use, like when I bought 12 boxes of branflakes.

    I think we're heading for a two tier system. People who are time rich and cash poor will continue to search out the bargains. And people who haven't a moment to live will grab anything to put in their trolley, subsidising the rest of us.

  10. Well that system works for me Meanqueen, long may it continue!!

    I feel I have been in both camps, I've just left the 'throw it in willy nilly' one and now feel I am in a much better one....with control of my life and finances.

    Sue xx