Wednesday, 2 March 2011

My recycling mission

An update on yesterday. I am just having my breakfast at almost 11am, couldn't stop thinking about the bedding and maybe some other items that I missed yesterday, in the skip. So after a cup of coffee I went back with some bin bags and picked through it once again. The bedding will go to Jerry Green's dogs home, there is some more stuff that wants sorting and washing, and a box of pens and pencils which want testing and bagging up into small bundles.

I have washed the kettle and will keep that because mine has sprung a leak, I have a spare for when it gives up the ghost. The slow cooker is almost new and has cleaned up nicely, earmarked for the Hospice charity shop. In fact I will take most things there because they have decnt stuff at reasonable prices, hence the fact they are always busy, and the money goes direct to the hospice.

I don't like the British Heart Foundation because their prices are too high and they waste too much money on making their shops look posh. Same with Cancer Research, these two are my least favourite. I am waiting for the RSPCA shop to re open after flooding, they get my support because all the money they make stays in the local area. I hate it when charities waste money on administration and big offices.

Some of the smaller items we can sell to make a bit of money for our own rescue cats, we have five in at the moment. So we will be attending local events in the summer with our own stall.

I can make use of the fold up table and the floor lamp, always usefull to have a portable lamp to put over your work area. I have picked out a Linda McCartney cookery book and also one for baking, you never know my meals might become more interesting, ha ha.

As someone mentioned it is terrible that perfectly good things get dumped, but I can understand the dilema if a family have to empty the house of a deceased relative quickly. I urge everyone to stop buying stuff from conventional shops, and always try and find what you need at a charity shop, jumble sale, or car boot sale. And it goes without saying that when you get to a certain age you should think about tidying up before you leave this earth, and not leave it for someone else to do. De clutter often and pass on your unwanted stuff to someone who can make use of it.

Must get on, more sorting and cleaning to do, then I might just get the cat pouch bag finished. If the police come knocking on my door because someone has reported me for stealing from a skip, I shall tell them I am a modern day Robin Hood. In fact I wouldn't mind if I did get arrested, I would be unrepentant, and it would help to further the case for recycling.


  1. good on you.
    We watched the local (closing down)art shop throw heaps of canvas covered board away. they were in the bottom of the skip and no amount of reaching and pulling would get them out. My daughters art class were horrified as they are terribly expensive. We only managed to salvage some electrical extensions that were near the top. There was even a computer printer in there but again all piled on top of.

  2. Failing that, it's off to Sherwood Forest to live off nuts and berries, I suppose. ;)

  3. Oxfam is another expensive charity shop and they are never willing to haggle on a price! x

  4. I really dislike posh charity shops. If I want new and posh I'll go into a new and posh shop! I love those charity shops where you really have to rummage around and never know what you'll find.

    RSPA shop have just opened in town centre, and although it is quite tidy, the prices aren't as high as the others.

    I was going to add a bit about putting things in a skip in that situation. My mum and I were grumbling about people doing that but thinking about it, when someone does, people aren't always in the right frame of mind to sort things out, let alone going around charity shops.

    What is a cat pouch bag?

  5. Couldn't agree with you more on the smart charity shops, I loved them when they were a jumble and you could have a good old rummage.

  6. Good for you Ilona, the champion recycler.

  7. I think it is fantastic what you did. I wish I had been there. I would have donated a couple of days to help you, we might have got twice as much.
    Have you read the book Dumpster Diving. This guy here in the States gets most of his veggies meat and bakery goods out of dumpsters.
    A bit hard core for me but he does it and calls himself a freegan.
    He even found a diamond ring in one.

    I was visiting my MIL in Portsmouth and we were walking by this pub and out in the garbage was a very nice melamine tray sticking out. I always carry an extra plastic bag so I popped it in took it home and washed it with hot soapy water and stuck it in my carry on when I came back to the States. Beautiful - use it all the time and I chuckle every time I do.
    I agree about tidying up when you get older - it is an ongoing thing with me as it is the responsible thing to do but so many of us hang on to our stuff like grim death.

  8. I know it is such a pity that people feel obliged to purchase new things all the time. I have a meat roasting dish with a lid pased on from my granny to my mother and now to me. Best dish ever- has 1001 uses, is sturdy and scrubable and has endurance! Other pans quake in its presence. Second hand pre loved - often better quality than the stuff bought new in the shops! happy recycling, free cycling and frugaling!!!

    Louise AKA Eeek as in Eeking it out!

  9. couldn't agree more with you about posh charity shops however I have to admit to liking a good rummage in any charity shop.

    I also agree about decluttering as you get older. Having to clear out my Mum's house really put things into perspective for me. I realised that "stuff" isnt important really, that all that happens to most "stuff" is that it isnt valued by other people and so gets chucked away. Memories are what I believe matter. I seriously decluttered my house and now just keep a few nice objects that mean something special.

  10. It's great that you were able to do what you did to recover good items from the trash. I try to take items from the trash if I can use it (when I see it. I have one wooden chest in my bedroom and two office chairs.

    I'm having to declutter a lot of my stuff. I'm like Cherisong. Decluttering because I realize I have way more than I need. I also don't want to leave my stuff behind for someone else to have to go through. Also it will make cleaning easier ;-) I only wish the charity shops here wouldn't be so picky and limit what they take and sell at such high prices. I'm going to get into freecycle and try and get rid of things that way so that people who really need it and will use it,are able to get it.

  11. Looking back at your posts is this recycling as well I think you have some great ideas.
    I agree with you I also look for things that other people have thrown away and give to the needy. We have no charity shops in this area but every shop has a food collection for people in need.