Saturday, 12 March 2011

More lovely fabric

Although I have quite a bit of fabric, I never seem to have just the right colour or weight, for the particular bag I want to make. I have been known to search in all my cupboards and wardrobes for the one piece that is perfect for the job. Often I am frustrated because I have a picture in my mind of what I want to make, but I can't start it because I dont have the right fabric.

My recent searches in the charity shops were proving fruitless, I need to look elsewhere. Of course, why didn't I think of it before, Hull Scrapstore. Ideally it would be more convenient to drive there, because if I bought quite a lot it would be too heavy to carry. But, it is £2.70 each way to cross the Humber Bridge, so it makes sense to save money by going on the bus, even though I will have to walk up a very long street.

Today we have the lovely Tracey, and the gorgeous Charles on duty.

I was like a kid in a sweetie shop, ooooh look at this, getting all excited as I plunged my hands into the boxes and pulled out some lovely colours. Most of what I bought were offcuts, some just enough to make one bag. I got Charles to cut me some metre lengths from some of the roles as well, but had to call a halt when I thought I had enough to fill my shopping bags. I had to keep stopping as I walked up the long street back to the bus stop, I'm sure my arms have stretched a few inches.

I've put it all away on my shelves in the spare room, here are a few pictures. All this for £11.25, including a pair of scissors as well.

The money from the bags will go towards looking after the rescue pussies. I went round to Sue's this afternoon to give her some more cat food, and to sit for an hour in the pens with the five cats we have in at the moment. Two of them are going to a new home on Monday, but we have more waiting to come in. This is our page on catchat if you want to look.
I shall be packing my rucksack tomorrow, I'm off walkabout on Monday, to the Lake District . The YHA have a special offer on, B2G1F, works out at £9.80 per night, too good a chance to miss. Methinks I ought to look into getting a laptop so I can blog as I walk. Will have to save up a bit for it. Catch you tomorrow.


  1. Oooooooh you did well Ilona. I absolutely love that first picture, the fabric on the top, blue with the berries on. That will keep you out of mischief for a while.

    I enjoy the conference in Liverpool last weekend - the hostel was noisy at nighttime though. I had forgotten that the Everyman Bistro used to be the Everyman Theatre.

  2. You did very well with the fabric haul. I don't think we have a place here like the one you shopped at. I wish we did. We do have some fabric shops and most of them have a bin of remnants or their very discounted fabrics. Unfortunately, fabric stores here seem to be dying off. I guess it is all the downturn in the economy or not enough people sewing or both. Such a shame anyway as it gives me fewer options when I want to do something. I think you'll be able to make some nice bags for your charity.

  3. What beautiful fabrics. I can`t believe you got so much for less than £12 ( including scissors)!

    Enjoy your trip to the Lakes but wrap up warm. There`s snow a bit north of you.....

  4. Love those fabrics and what an amount for the money, a real bargain and all the bags made going to such a good cause.

  5. great haul of fabric there. Some YHA have internet access for a small amount of money if you feel the need to blog.