Friday, 22 April 2011

A cats and dogs day

I can't stand going any where near supermarkets in the run up to a bank holiday weekend, so I went to Tesco last night at 7.30pm. That was a good move because I got a lot of reduced stuff and missed the crowds. I spent £18.77 and there was £3 for cat food there, so my food for the week cost £15.77. I got lots of veg, two pieces of fresh salmon for £1 was £4, and some Value items. So far so good. Then I bought some petrol, £39.91, and it's not quite full. It will last me a while because I am going nowhere for three weeks.

Another nice day today, aren't we lucky. A walk in the woods with Henry first thing after breakfast.

There are a lot of steps, it's quite steep in places.

Come on Auntie, can I have a paddle in here? No Henry, don't you dare jump into that mud!

Later on at 11.30 we met my friend Julie, and Jessie blind dog, at the lake. We walked two circuits and both dogs loved playing in the water. Jessie stayed on her lead but wasn't too sure about getting out of her depth. She was running in and out having a wonderful time, it was lovely to see her having fun.

After lunch Sue and Janet came to visit mum and kittens. We have called her Flora. They are starting to gain a bit more confidence now, and run around the room playing.

It's been a lazy old day, I haven't got any work done at all. Never mind, it's a bank holiday. I hope you are having fun.


  1. Gorgeous photo's,especially the one of the Kitten's,how cute are they!!and you are so lucky to have lovely places to go walking near where you live,i too am not going anywhere for the next couple of week's,no spend for me,today is Easter Saturday here in Australia,and all the stores are open,offering huge bargain's,trying to get everyone in,as the next 3 day's,everything will be closed again,i don't care,they won't lure me in,i'm well stocked up!!take care,lovely post as usual!

  2. My dogs would love that walk, especially if there was mud or water involved LOL
    Love those kittens :-D

  3. Thank you for the super photos of your walk Ilona.

    The kittens are flourishing.

    Well done on your Tesco finds.

    Sft x

  4. Oh, those kittens are so beautiful, if I lived closer I would love one.
    Do you think that Mum was a stray?
    What on earth would have happened to them if they were not found I wonder.
    Thanks Ilona for doing such a good job looking after them.

  5. Hi Briony. Yes we think mum cat was of no fixed abode, and not much older than a kitten herself when she gave birth. She was found in a shed, people have been trying to catch her for a couple of weeks and we had to put a humane trap down in the end. She is eating like she was starving, and loves fishy food.

    Mum is so pleased when I go in to feed and sort the litter box out, she goes crazy for some affection. It is good that she is trusting me so soon.

  6. Careful Ilona, the situation you are in now is how I was with my Polly. she was a stray and so thin, we didn't realise she was pregnant when we took her in. I ended up keeping all 4 of the kittens. No regrets though...

  7. You're brilliant!
    Have a nice Easter holiday.
    Sandie xx