Saturday, 16 April 2011

Doggy paddle

I think this is funny.....both have their tongues out at the same time.

I took the boys for a swim in a big lake today, they loved it. It was hot and they seemed bored, so I thought they would like to cool off. Ollie, the one standing, swam right out to the middle. He was looking for a piece of wood he thought I had thrown, but I hadn't it was still in my hand. Alfie didn't go out quite as far, he is older and has a bit of arthritis. They are great fun.


  1. I love to see dogs swimming, running through woods, splashing in mud, just being dogs :-D

  2. hiya-
    just landed on your blog and wow!
    how interesting your take on life, I've spent a fascinating time reading through whilst drinking my midmorn coffee.

    My coffee is a treat, not for any other reason than that I think if you treat something as a treat, it seems nicer and perhaps even a little bit naughty. Coffee, 10 minutes blogging, listen to the Archers.

    Yesterday 3 (new to me- 2nd hand but unused, from the Church jumblesale) dusters were a treat cos I was fedup with using an old teatowel on the rare occasions I dust!

    My biggest treat is 16 hands of black horse called Bruce, and some would say that was a treat too far!

    Hope you're enjoying this lovely weather, walks and dogs

  3. Oh our trix once swam out into the lake to find the invisible stick. My hubby was calling and calling getting more and more panicked as she was quite a big dog but not a very smooth swimmer. He was all for getting his clothes off and going after her when she finally turned and came back. She always was a bit of a joker so I think she must have been laughing inside as well as all over her chops.

  4. I'm getting a dog on Saturday - and I've been reading tons of books - and according to Turid Rugaas - the tongue lick is a calming signal they kinda get confused by camera....and it creates a little your blog and if you are ever in South Carolina - please drop by and stay a day or two...