Saturday, 16 April 2011

Let me treat you

A fabulous Saturday morning here, I went for an early walk. I can't lie around in bed, once I am awake I have to be up and about. Thank you for all your comments, I read them all. I would urge everyone to, because there are some very valid points and ideas coming out. So I would say, click on the comments link just to read them, even though you might not want to add one yourself. They are a welcome addition to my posts.

Walking gives me chance to gather a few thoughts, and ponder about what has gone on in the past few days. A few ideas for posts pass fleetingly through my head and inevitably go out the other side, ha ha. I really must take a note book with me. No, don't tell me to take a little dictaphone, I tried that and felt a proper fool, couldn't get the words out.

Anyway, this morning I was thinking about the phone conversation I had with Jo, the researcher for the programme. I got onto the subject of treats, how often we should treat ourselves, and why we think we deserve a treat, and most importantly what is the cost of the treat.

I mentioned the bag of chips I bought a few days ago. Now most people include a visit to the chippie as a regular activity, even as often as once a week. I limit my intake of fried food because I don't think it is healthy to consume oils and fats on a regular basis. Sorry I don't mean to preach, it's just what I think, each to their own. So my twice yearly bag of chips was a treat, I wasn't even thinking about buying them. I was out at a local shopping area and my stomach was rumbling. I could dash home and get something, but then remembered there was a very popular posh fish and chip shop nearby, and thought, go on, treat yourself, so I did. They were delicious.

A naughty treat once in a while is fine. I mentioned the cost of treats, and by that I don't just mean financially, there is another cost which you may not have thought of. With food and drink, it is the cost to your health and fitness, and whether the short term pleasure is going to be worth the long term pain, as in foods that are going to damage your body. Any way, I am going off on the wrong track now, as always, I start writing these ponderings never knowing which direction they are going. Let's divert. Treats.....

I want to know, how often do you treat yourself, and why, and also why you think you deserve a treat. Never mind the cost, we are all at different levels. I think these questions are important because the answers will give some indication about how we feel about ourselves. If we have lots of treats is that because we need more stuff to make ourselves feel good? The next step is comfort eating and that can be a very bad habit to get into. Perhaps if we need very few treats, we are happy with the way our lives are going? Or maybe this can turn into a deprivation anxiety.

Mum used to treat us kids when we behaved ourselves, and helped out in the house. If we were naughty we didn't get anything. I cried, but of course she was right. I never expected anything to be given to me unless I earned it, maybe that's why I struggle to find reasons why I should be allowed a treat now. I still have to earn my treats. And by being a good girl and saving up I can have a bag of chips or two.

The best kind of treats are those which are very simple, like watching a programme on the iplayer at whatever time it suits. Or soaking your feet in a bowl of hot water, while sitting in an easy chair with your eyes closed. Or picking a few flowers and putting them in a pretty vase on your window ledge. Or calling in to see a friend and having a coffee. Or a stroll through the woods or along a canal side.

Right, that's it then, I'm off outside. See you later.


  1. I don`t usually bother with treats that mean shedding out on chocolates or other sweets.
    Our treat this weekend will be a bimble around a car boot market. Just to get out the house and to do something out of the ordenary is a treat. We don`t go to spend, just to have the pleasure of looking and pondering about all that junk. Most of it is junk. Bargains are only those items that truely enhance your life. So, I expect we will not spend again, just brows and enjoy the looking. We`re taking a friend along to this outing, and that is a treat as well.
    I conside it a treat if I can make a pretty good meal and eat it at home. Occassionally I treat my partner to a Thai Curry from our local
    Thai supermarket and restaurant. We don`t buy crisps or biskuits. If I fancy a cake for Sunday afternoon, I occassionally bake one. Those are the real treats I treasure. It happens ones in a while, and I might do some baking every couple of months.
    When we can afford it we might visit some farm shops or farmers markets and treat ourselves maybe 2 times a year to some local produce.
    Having a special day out and taking a picnic is a treat, too. We now also regard our ability to go camping as a treat. Having the campervan does give us several treats a year.
    I don`t consider our treats to be extravagant.
    Simple pleasures can be treats, if you know how to apreciate them.

  2. I'd be a lot thinner if our treats didn't include chocolate or Chinese takeaways! But yesterday, my DH was ill with an intermittent illness and had a doctor's appointment. I offered to drive him and it was a lovely day, so I took a flask of coffee, something to read and some knitting, parked the car on the edge of a park and waited for him. The nurse couldn't get the blood sample she needed and so he had to go to the hospital. So we took a shortcut through the countryside and I went to the seafront while he went to the hospital. (I am disabled so can't walk far and as I had to drive I couldn't risk wearing myself out, otherwise I could havehad a lovely walk.) Then he gave me a ring on my mobile and I picked him up. That was a real treat day as it was bright and warm. (Well, not for him with needles stuck in him!)

  3. Our treat is a day out once a month in the car, this week we went to erwick on Tweed, took our lunch, had a wander round the town and the town walls and then took to car along and park near the sea to eat our lunch and read for an hour.

    We might occasionally go to a garden which is open under the garden scheme, or using our national Trust for Scotland passes to a historic house and wander through their gardens.

    Very occasinally we might have a bar of chocolate, or I might buy a bottle of wine which we have with supper on Sunday but thats once in a blue moon.

    As a child I did not get treats, my Mother was very strict and did not believe in spoiling, the only places I was taken to were places she wanted to go. One thing she did do was take me to the pantomine in Coventry, that was usually paid for by my uncle who bought the tickets each year, otherwise I doubt I would have gone.

    When my children were small they got to choose a treat in turn; with four of them it could have become expensive but they loved being out in the countryside, camping and later caravanning, they had quite simple pleasures.

  4. I have just found your blog..its very inspiring :0) we have just chucked normallity in and moved to the hebrides with our 5 small children..back on the mainland we would treat the kids at the end of the week to sweets/magazines/small toy for the younger ones but now up here our priorities have totally changed and a treat is a walk to the beach..we dont have the same level as money as we had on the mainland as we gave up the security of a well paid job...I run a business from home making eco-soy candles and organic bath products but its in the early stages! up here there isn't access to big shopping centres..and I am glad of that..its funny how the simple things in life really can turn into a treat :0) xx

  5. My main treat is walking on our town trail for six hours a week with my friend. I would nt give it up for the world. I used to buy a bar of chocolate but have lost the taste for candy in the last few years.
    Sometimes when I am out in the winter far from home I buy a hot chocolate (extra hot with whipped cream) thats a real treat for me.
    We have an icecream shop called The Creamery that is open from April to October and once a month I buy a Turtle Sundae (pecans icecream and caramel sauce) very decandant.
    I also consider my yarn purchases as treats although the price is offset by the fact I usually give the items as gifts at Christmas.

  6. One of my favourite treats is to put my feet up with a good book and a pot of lapsang tea. Made in my little vintage teapot I bought from the charity shop and drunk out of a 1930's cup and saucer from the car boot sale. Makes me think I'm a lady of leisure!

  7. Afternoon tea with Mr Sft -served in our cottage garden. We have bought cheap seeds and had cuttings from others to help make it look more like a traditional cottage garden this summer. Fox gloves, Holly hocks etc.. Our home made cakes are eaten of bone china plates bought from Charity Shops or Summer Fetes.

    If we have family over we include scones, Home made jam and if we can afford it clotted cream.

    Sft x

  8. There are some great treats here, and they won't break the bank either. Afternoon tea with home made cakes, in a cottage garden, sounds like heaven. Oh, and hot chocolate, I can just taste it, a treat I haven't had for over a year.

    Welcome linzi, glad you have popped in. I've had a look at your blog, I do admire you for moving your family to the Hebrides, it must be quite an adventure.

    Attila, your trip to the seafront sounds lovely, I hope your DH is feeling better soon.

    Silversewer, I love gardens as well. Especially if there are not many people about and I can amble through them.

    A special day out with a picnic sounds like my kind of treat, Sarina. I carry my picnic in my rucksack and find a nice place to sit and take in the view.