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Sunday, 24 April 2011

I need a free door, please.

Thank you all for enquiring about my sore hand. I can't grip with it and had difficulty opening a can. The gadget I have is a bit old fashioned, plunge the blade in and lever it around the top edge. I've just attempted to have a look under the cotton wool under the plaster, and the skin is stuck to it, so I'll soak it off tonight and put a fresh dressing on.

My right buttock is a bit sore as well, though no bruise has appeared yet, I haven't much padding there. If I was a bit older I might have broken my hip. I really must be more carefull, I am rather hoping that I can see out my life without having a hip replacement op.

Here's something that has broken, my back door looks in a sorry state with a big chunk dropped off the bottom. Luckily it is the outer back door and I have another one inside the passage which is secure.

It has panes of glass in the squares, I got fed up of cleaning them so I painted the whole door red. Do you like my cat flap, just kick the bottom pane out, easy peasy, ha ha.

I've measured it, this is my next challenge, not to go out and buy one, but to find one for free. I've looked in Freecycle but there's none there. I will look in every skip I see, and ask everyone I know, till I find one. Wish me luck.

The outside doesn't look too bad, yet. Only a matter of time before the whole of the bottom crumbles away though.

I'll let you know how I get on.


  1. Oh what a shame we don;t live nearer, I have 2 here waiting for new homes!
    Hope your hand is better soon.

  2. Hi, Noticed your comment on new Readers,so I've been reading your blog for quite some time.
    Great Stuff I've learned alot, Thankyou.
    Hope your hand is better soon.

  3. Wooden doors can be mended, unlike plastic

  4. I hope you are feeling better and your hand is ok.x

  5. the cat door is a great addition...hoping you find a new one on freecycle...seems like whenever I ask for something there it shows up within a week...

    I work in x ray and see too many broken hips every week on women with weak make sure you get plenty of calcium to keep the bones're already doing a great job of that by walking...

    wishing you a speedy mend on the hand...

  6. Don't forget not all doors are the same size. Might be an idea to jot down the measurements before you go looking in skips - size does matter you know... :-)

  7. I know you've tried Freecycle, but do you have a local Freegle group?
    Also there's Freebay - a national site, but you never know what pops up on there.

  8. Have you tried the council what do they do with the ones they replace on the houses when they are updating them. Mind you they will probably charge you. I was going to say there used to be a place down on Scotter Road but they would charge for them but they were fairly cheap and it was many years ago


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