Sunday, 10 April 2011

I'm pedalling but getting nowhere

I don't seem to have got much done today. It started quite early when I got up at 6.45am. Had brekkie and took Jessie for a one hour walk. We don't cover much ground in that time, I just follow her, she likes to sniff around a lot. Sometimes we walk around in circles, you can't take a blind dog for a walk, they take you. All I do is keep my eyes on her the whole time and steer her around obstacles. This morning we were in a quiet street, no one seems to get up early round here, so I encouraged her to run down the centre, stamping my feet and giving her words of encouragement. She will run for short distances if she feels safe.

Julie came to pick her up and we had a natter. Then I did a bit more painting on my bike. Then it was lunch time, then I did a bit more on the bike. I was going to mix red and white paint together to make pink, but decided as I am no artist, whatever I daubed it on would look messy. So I came up with plan B. This is the bike before I touched it.

Upside down on the table in the garden for painting.

Plan B is to decorate it with coloured, very sticky, tape. I only had a bit of red so I put some stripes round the handlebars. Then I found some flourescent yellow waterproof fabric which I got from the Scrapstore, and some very sticky double sided tape, and added the yellow stripes and the flowers.

There is still more to do, but then I had an idea, I could make some cat shapes for Sue to stick on her electric bike. So I went round to her house on my half finished bike, and cut out the shapes for her. She was pleased. Apparently she had mentioned about getting some stickers before, but it had completely slipped my mind.

While I was there she had a phone call, it was a family from Birmingham who had come up here to sort some things out at a house where the occupant had just died. The man had a cat, and the family couldn't take it back with them as they came on the coach. Luckily they found our page on the Cat Chat site, so me and Janet went to collect it while Sue got the pen ready. Tango is a tabby girl about ten years old, a lovely little thing, very pretty.

I don't know where the time has gone today, I spent some of it nattering on the phone, then did a bit of watering in the garden, and that's all I have done. The lawn needs mowing, maybe I'll have time for that tomorrow. Or maybe I'll make some panniers for the bike, ha ha.


  1. OMG that is SO COOL - you are an artist !!

  2. Very retro, Ilona. Are you turning into a hippy? At least they will see you coming with these flurecent stickers.

  3. Ilona forgive me, you may be one of the UK's meanest people but I think you could also be a treasured Eccentric too! Loving the bike.

  4. I love, love, love it. Sure to turn a few heads and as you said, not one will nick it unless they want to spend ages repainting it. lol


  5. Very nice paint job,how did you get it to stick? did you have to sand first?