Saturday, 9 April 2011

Day four, a walk to Market Deeping

Lovely day today. The hole in the front garden is now filled with three bushes taken out of their pots, and the bike has had a second coat of paint and is coming along nicely. It's looking a bit like a postie's bike, so I'll need to add my own arty farty bits to it, I think pink would be nice.

I'll wind up the Lincs walking trip with these last photo's. This is Thurlby Youth Hostel. The window on the right hand side of the front door is the TV lounge, and on the left is the office. The window on the side is the dining room. Plenty of parking space, and there is a big garden with lawns and trees, and picnic tables. At the other end of the building is the wardens quarters.

This is the plaque on the wall on the roadside. The building was left to the YHA in a will. Later, the council bought it and leased it back to the YHA.

Todays walk is to Market Deeping, I have the option of getting the bus back if I run out of time, or get too tired. Baston is a village just off the A15. On the sign there is a windmill, sadly the sails on the real windmill are long gone.

At the church of St John the Babtist, there was a sign up saying 'serving lunches today', so I went in and had a look around.

The ladies were busying themselves getting the tables ready and preparing the food. I got chatting to them and they told me that the church has been closed for a while for refurbishment. The floor was rotten so they took it all out and replaced the pews with chairs. There was quite a bit of opposition against selling off the pews. They had a stone floor put in. The photographs they took during the works are quite interesting. It looks lovely now.

On to the next village, Langtoft. This is quite an unusual sign, it looks like a helter skelter.

And this is the church of St Michael and all Angels, at Langtoft.

Blimey, it's a bit windy today, ha ha.

Arriving in Market Deeping, you pass St Guthlac church on the left hand side.

Opposite is this little cottage. The plaque on the wall says it is the Old Schoolhouse.

After a bimble round Market Deeping I decided I would have enough time to walk back, my last chance to bump up the miles. I'm glad I made that last push, the 14.23 miles I completed today took my total to 65.37. I'm well chuffed. Here is the map with the four walks highlighted.

Back to today, I've got a lodger tonight, Jessica blind dog is here. Her mummy and daddy have gone out for the evening and they are not sure what time they will be back, so it is easier if they just drop her off here and collect in the morning. That way they can relax and don't have to bother about cutting the night short to get back home for her. I'm off downstairs now to play with her, she is a sweetie.


  1. Very impressed with your walks. How is walking on the flat after all those peaks?

    Hope you had a lovely time with Jessica.

    sft x

  2. Such beautiful places you go to. I am an avid Agatha Christie reader. It is neat to see places that I have read about in her books. Market Deeping was one of them. I would love to visit England one day.

  3. I am pleased you showed Market Deeping, I havent been there for years. SInce we moved away from Rutland my cousin and his wife have set up home there, so I enjoyed the pics.

  4. Hi sft. There was a lot of walking through fields which of course you dont get when you are in a hilly place. Not too bad for this time of year, after the dry spell, but I don't think it would be very nice after rainfall, then it would be like a mud bath. And walking through farms in the winter would be awfull with all that slurry about.

    The nice part about it is that you can see the church spires from a distance. Look at the map, 'oh there it is', and head over that way. Another downside is that there aren't enough footpaths, so quite a bit of road walking is needed if you don't want to do a linear walk.

    I just like the physical act of putting one foot in front of the other. I like to alter my pace, sometimes stride out with long steps, or meander slowly through the quietness of a vast empty space.