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Friday, 29 April 2011

By Royal invitation ;o)

Phew, here I am back from the wedding. Sorry I didn't mention it earlier but I didn't get my invite till the last minute. A letter from Her Majesty no less. She said she saw me on the TV, and she is most impressed by my money saving tips, and as she is in dire straights herself she is going to take my advice and have a rummage in Phill's undie drawer, next time she has to chuck a pair of her own baggy kecks out ;o)

You wouldn't believe the crowds, my feet are killing me. I took my camera, but, I forgot to charge the battery, so I only managed a few snaps, silly me.

Here is one of Vicky's hat, why it was hafway down her face I do not know. Get out of the way you plonker, bloomin bloke has messed my picture up.

Sorry, they wouldn't let me in the Abbey, so I missed all that, and I had to fight my way through the crowds to get these. As I was snapping I overheard little bits of conversation.

'Just a minute Miss, your frock is stuck on a rusty nail, don't pull it or you'll tear it'.

'You've got your ruddy great foot on it now'. Oh dear things don't seem to be going too well.

'Well that's it Willy, you're stuck with me now, a few more waves and we can go for a cuppa'. 'Oh blimey Katie, do I have to'.

'Here's the gang, keep an eye on that Harry with my sister, don't want any shenanigans going on today. One royal in the family is enough'.

'Come on, give us a snog, you know you want to'. 'Oh alright then, can we go now'.

Congratulations to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. Aaah, such a lovely couple. I hope I am still around to see you on the throne.


  1. beautiful wedding photos of Diana's first-born's nuptials with wity commentary from you!


  2. Got up a 2am to watch it - glad you were invited - dont know why I wasnt but it all went lovely and everyone done up like dogs dinners - I was in my best pajamas though........................does that count ?
    Now I have to do some weeding and cut the lawn...................

  3. I'm still in my pyjamas, didn't bother to get ready as I wasn't invited, unlike you!

    But it has been a lovely day, everything was perfect for them.

    Did you get any wedding cake?

  4. I thought it was lovely and the dress was beautiful. I think she will be a good role model to young ladies better than the WAGs etc. Congratulations on your appearance on Superscrimpers , I managed to catch it today. I dont get the young family though, getting taxis everywhere then wondering where all their money goes? I wish I could find £10k pa to save like they can.

  5. Ha ha! I love your humour, Ilona. I also had a giggle at some of the photos in today's Daily Mail online showing some very strange outfits, especially those worn by Princesses Eugenie and Beatrice. These people are extremely wealthy, yet can't put a decent outfit together. They need your help Ilona. Go advise!

  6. LOL at your comment about Queenie looking in Duke's undie drawer.

    Sft x

  7. Love your post,very funny,the Wedding was gorgeous,i watched it from start to finish,here in Adelaide,our city was so quiet,i think everyone was home watching it on TV,a great Historic Occasion!

  8. Very funny. Loved it. Saw the wedding and snogs myself ;-)

  9. *chuckle/snort* wish I'd thought to check my e-mail for a last minute invite! loved this post!


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