Thursday, 28 April 2011

Pants v knicks

More details are required about my pants, so this post is for She dragon. My hips are 36"- 37", depending on how much I have eaten, ha ha, and the label inside says Tesco, age 13 - 14 years, waist 72cm or 28 and a half inches. These are briefs so they don't come up to my waist. They are a snug fit, don't go baggy so don't fall down. I like to feel properly covered and decent.

I bought them in a pack years ago for about £1.50 - £2, can't remember. I've just had a look at the Tesco web site and they have similar but different colours, for £4 a pack of five pairs.

Then I looked at the ladies briefs for something like it. They have a pack of four ladies biggish knickers for £4, cotton, but they don't look very robust at all. Can't see them lasting as long. They also have single hipster briefs for £3 - £4 a pair. They might last a bit longer but I would expect the frilly bits to become a bit frayed over time. So for five pairs of ladies briefs at either £15 or £20, it's worth considering boys pants if you can get into them ;0)


  1. Ah, now, I was imagining y fronts until I saw you on the telly programme this morning (on 4oD)! But unless they do man sized ones (LARGE man sized) I won't be joining you on that particular frugal adventure! ;-)

  2. Yes I was wondering whether you sewed up the drafty bit LOL

  3. I think you did really well on Superscrimpers and we were cheering in my house when you came on the telly :)
    So what will you be charging when they ask you to open new supermarkets and the like?
    x x x

  4. With all those great colours you should be flashing them Ilona!

  5. sorry I prefer knickers, marks and sparks passion killers, comfy and had them for years!

    Josie x

  6. NOW I understand (very colorful) I did get a chuckle about this underwear.
    I have six sons and five of them are married. None of there weddings cost more than 1,500 pounds (including wonderful catering) I gave them each a down-payment on a house as a wedding present. We are a little above average wage-earners (I m retired now) but my husband still has a VERY thriving career at 68. The secret of my success is never having to service any debt besides my mortgage which I paid off in 11 years.
    My father worked for the water company and my mother stayed at home
    they still managed to send us all to private schools without going into debt and with no help from their families. They drummed it into us -
    "if you cant afford it - dont acquire it" It has been good advice over the years and I am thrilled to see that all my kids are so responsible with money and debt.
    There were no credit cards before the 70s - they did nt exist. This having a lavish life style is such an aberration and some people think it s the norm and they should have it too. I think we have been brain-washed by the media into thinking all this and now we crying about it.
    I love your blog - there are many frugal blogs out there that dont really get it long-term but yours is right on the mark and you live it with so much compassion and gusto !

  7. I wear mens boxer shorts, but the tight fit ones, the ones you see on calvein cline ads, they are so comfy , dont ride up and actually quite fashionable as my teen daughter tells me, and last a hell of a long time - FQ may be worth a look at those

    Iiona - watched the show this morning on You tube - cant wait to watch next week to see how theyhave included your tips

  8. In my somewhat slimmer days, I used boys shorts instead of pyjama shorts - considerably cheaper.

    All my knickers now though were made for women -- but as I noted on my blog a few weeks ago, some of them deserve long service medals - in service for around 10 years, being worn at least once a fortnight and still going strong. (They're young compared to my socks - I've got socks that are old enough to vote!)

  9. When I've run out of underwear I have been known to wear Mr Sft's pants. Lovely and comfortable.

    Sft x

  10. Did you ever, in your wildest imaginings, expect to be discussing your undies in front of the world?!
    Good on you!
    Jane x

  11. Sarah Jessica Parker used to wear mens pants in "Sex and the City".

    I reckon she's in good company, Ilona!

    (Did she get the idea from you??)

  12. Nickers are nickers, they do not discriminate between male and female. And those ones are in lovely bright colours, might have to look into this trend!


  13. Thankyou! I am defo going to go with them next time I need some. I'm fed up paying huge amounts for flimsy undies .