Sunday, 1 May 2011

Genius is my middle name ;o)

Things are getting a bit desperate with the slowly crumbling door. Another piece of glass has fallen out making it a double cat flap, ha ha, and the bottom has completely dropped off. I need to do something about it before I go on my walking/biking/hostelling/camping holiday, as I don't think I'm going to find a replacement in just over a week.

Take three pieces of wood from dismantled pallets. Nail/screw them together in a 'u' shape. Started screwing but it was hard work, quicker to bash a few nails in.

Screw this to the outside of the door. Had to screw because one bash with the hammer would have broken off the remaining bits which I needed to attach this to, and probably the whole door would have come crashing down, ha ha.

Then screw another slightly shorter piece to the inside of the new bottom, between the two uprights. Now what am I going to put in that new bigger hole? Bingo, found something the exact size. Amazing, no adjustments needed, a perfect fit.

Just need to cut the cat flap out with a stanley knife. An old plastic lid from a plastic box, which has since broken up and gone off in the dustcart.

Some tape round the edges so pussies don't hurt their feet, and four screws to hold it in place on the inside. I won't show you a pic of the inside, it looks a bit messy, but what the heck, only me to see it, and it will give me a bit more time to look for another door. Brilliant, eh!


  1. Brillant - last for another ten years at least, now you can search at leisure for a new door and the cats can come and go! Very neat job also.

  2. Not a bad job at all!! If you can find a spot of red paint for the wood, no-one would even know it's a patchwork job.

    Sue xx

  3. Fantastic!

    You solve problems brilliantly!

    Sft x

  4. Ilona, you are the most resourceful woman I know :-D

  5. That's a great fix Ilona - but - I would also reinforce the inside of the plastic part with pallet wood to make it more secure whilst you are away.
    Best wishes
    Rose H

  6. Hi Sue, I have some red paint, but not sure if I want to waste it on this temporary fix which no one will ever see.
    Rose, It could do with a bit of reinforcment on the inside, but due to the remaining wood near the bottom of the door being fragile, there isn't many anchorage points. I can't put cross bars on because it would block the cat flap. It doesn't have to be 100% secure because it is the door from the outside into the passage. There is a fully secure second back door into the house.

  7. Bravo!!! Very clever job...

  8. Great mother of inventions, lol.

  9. This is fab - well done!

  10. WOW..! What a great blog you have here..I have linked in as a follower.
    Is you photo (top left) taken at 'Old Harry Rocks' looks a bit familiar to me.

    Thanks for your recent visit and comments on my blog at


  11. Hiya Trevor, thanks for looking in. It is indeed Harry's Rocks in the background, well spotted. I walked there from the ferry, through the nudist beach, ha ha, last year. My holiday took me all along the south coast to Lands End, stopping off at different places, driving not cycling I hasten to add. There is a report of it on here, check out May 2010.

  12. Could you not put a cross member above the cat flap Ilona? Still, keep looking on Freegle and you may find a lovely new (old) one. The present repaired one will do you well in the meantime.