Monday, 2 May 2011

Smile, it's another Bank Holiday

An announcement......

My 800'th post. Whoopeeee. Celebrations.

Another glorious morning. I do hope these continue right through till the end of May, I'm getting really excited about my trip north of the border.

People don't seem to get up very early around here, I am often the only one bimbling around. I wake up early at this time of year, no matter what time I went to bed the night before. Once that sun starts to rise I can't waste time festering in my pit, I have to be up and about.

The best time of the day is early morning, the air is so fresh, it is so quiet with only the dawn chorus for company, and the shadows cast by the dancing trees in the wind are magical. A few pics I took this morning.

Walking amongst such natural beauty is bliss for me, that's why I will not allow our lovely village to become polluted by ugly litter. I picked up another bag load in the woods this morning, and deposited it in the bin to be collected by the council tomorrow.

This green plastic bag caught my eye, it is an unused dog poo bag. Yes, as well as finding full ones dumped, I also find new bags as well. I think it is when people pull a bag out of their pocket and don't realise they have two or three, and they get dropped accidentally. Good for me because I use them.

This one is a bit unusual, it has printing on it. I am amazed that it's from Fife Council, which is, (a quick check on, over 250 miles away. Well that's a bit of a mystery, how has it found it's way here?

My first thought was that someone from Fife has been visiting the area with a dog. We have a very popular caravan and camp site here. Or perhaps someone who lives here, has been on holiday up there, and brought the bag back with them.

Hmmmm ;-)) Perhaps a warehouse in Fife has been raided and thieves got away with thousands of these bags, and they are now available on the black market. Maybe the police would be interested in fingerprinting it. Perhaps I should look on ebay for clues.

Or what if it was dropped from an aeroplane, or a hang glider, or a hot air balloon. I suppose a lorry driver could be using them as sandwich bags, and it fell out of his cab when he opened the door. Perhaps a Scottish film crew were down here, filming One Man and His Dog, and brought their own supply of bags with them.

I could always take it with me and return it personally to Fife Council. They might be glad that I have saved them the fraction of a penny that it cost to produce. The plot thickens, or maybe I have just lost the plot, ha ha. Enjoy your Bank Holiday.


  1. You have a very active imagination Ilona!

  2. I agree, I take it you use them for the new ones you find for the same purpose?

    Knowing what I do about you I had to check.

    Sft x

  3. I used to live in Fife. It might be a good excuse to hike over the Forth
    Road Bridge.

  4. Hi lizzie. I will be driving over the bridge, I am going to Perth :o)

  5. Are you going anywhere near Berwick on Tweed, then you might like to visit the Honey Farm, near the Chain Bridge, where they have two London buses as a cafe (if you can bring yourself to go in). You can just look mind, and they have a museum of honey and all sorts of old farm and agricultural machinery. The link is:

  6. Haven't decided yet, Campfire, depends how early I get away in the morning. I would like to take a look at the coastline in that area, Holy Island, and possibly Eyemouth because I stayed there overnight in a truck many years ago.

  7. You must go to Lindisfarne, it's magical! Enjoy your break.


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