Sunday, 15 May 2011

Good morning campers. Sunday morning

Good morning campers, from an overcast campsite near Perth. I was up at 7.30am, thankfully it was a dry night. Wash and brush up then breakfast which was a mug of coffee, half a tin of creamed rice, cheapo Value I might add, a few sultanas and four fig biscuits. I am now sitting at the back of my car watching people preparing for the day ahead, emerging from their campervans and caravans, and a few hardy souls poking their heads out of their tent flaps. There is a steady traipse of sleepy souls wandering across to the toilet block clutching their towel and wash bag, some of them still in their pyjamas.

Me? I kept my clothes on all night of course. I slept quite well under my duvet, apart from stretching in the middle of the night which brought on a painfull leg cramp in my left leg. Nothing for it but to get out and stamp around for a few minutes. The campsite was very peacefull at 3.30am, not quite dark with the night lights dotted about.

The smell of cooking bacon is wafting past my nostrils, and two ducks have popped by quacking for their breakfast. I have no bread left so they will have to make do with Ryvita this morning. They nibble at it and wander off in search of something more tasty. Not quite to their liking I think.

A lot more people are now waking up. Dogs are being walked, I hope they are picking up their poop, as it's a very clean site. I must go over to see a black Scottie dog who's owner stopped by for a chat last night. Oh, I nearly forgot to tell you, I went for a bike ride last night up and down the road, but came back when it got too hilly. I can't find my pump, the tyres need a bit of air so I'll look for someone with a pump later, to borrow it.

Anyway, I'd better make a move and pack up the tent and get on the road. I'll make a stop if I see somewhere nice, or keep going to Crianlarich. Catch you later.


  1. Ooo I love Crianlarich - one of my most favourite places in the world. Have a good time

  2. Hope you have a good day Ilona. I'm enjoying reading all about your travels.

  3. Hi Ilona, Enjoying reading your posts about your jaunts, very interesting. It's a bit overcast here in Inverness today but dry. Do you think you'll make it far enough north to see Nessie. ;-)

  4. Oh wow! I love that early morning campsite smell. I went camping loads when my kids were younger. I always used to be awake way before everyone else and loved to sit quietly with a brew and watch the world wake up.

  5. I'm not too keen of getting out of a tent when it's been raining hard in the night. I don't mind the rain in the night but love it when it's all gone, as I hate the damp porch which drips all over you when you get out!

    I'm going camping next month on York Racecourse, where it is usually blowing a gale. I believe the weather will be ok (????) in JUne so keep fingers crossed.

    I hope you enjoy the rest of your holiday Ilona and we're all glad you have got your little computer so we don't have to wait for you to come back.

  6. Just found this article about out of date tinned food as I had some out of date tinned fruit in the cupboard. This chap ate 50 year old tinned chicken with no bad after effects.

    Seven months out of date pineapple and custard for dessert it is!

  7. Poor you getting cramp!
    When we've been camping in Africa stamping outside the tent would have been a problem. You'd end up being a tasty snack for an animal. Makes you careful not to drink too many sundowners so you don't need the loo :)


  8. love it that you're on holiday again. anxiously awaiting pics!


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