Sunday, 15 May 2011

My dongle has let me down

Wow, such a lot of comments, it's great to hear from you all. Guess what, my dongle has let me down, I can't get a signal here in Crianlarich, so I'm having 20 minutes for £1 on the hostel computer to let you know I am here, and thinking about you.

I had a steady drive across the A85, stopping off at Crieff for a look around. Not much there, went to the visitor centre and saw a painted cow, saw a Church for sale, nearly bought it, and was tempted to spend £1,000 on a Harley lookalike bike. Bit too far to ride it home, ha ha.

The hostel here is ok, so far no room mates, but there seems to be a lot of blokes in the kitchen cooking their dinners. I went for a walkabout onto the West Highland Way, but the weather is not too good. It forecasts even worse for tomorrow. Can't see the tops of the hills. Anyway I'm here now so I will have to make the best of it.

If you are wondering what Kate is on about in her comment, while we were having our photo taken, instead of 'say cheese', I said 'tits out', which made her laugh.

Well I have some pics waiting to be posted, sorry to keep you waiting for them. Never mind. I am here for another night, so I'll have to try again at Oban. Fancy me picking hilly areas with no signal to go on holiday, very inconsiderate of me. Catch you later.


  1. So, your dongle didn't dingle. I've never tried one. That is a really lovely photograph of you and Kate.

  2. Hope you have better luck at Oban with your signal. There are a few free things to do at Oban, McCaigs Tower, Dunollie Castle, Oban War Memorial and Lighthouse and, War and Peace Museum. Info in the link.

    Looking forward to seeing your pictures. Have a grand day in Oban.

  3. Your trip sounds like great fun! I enjoy following
    your journey and look forward to your pictures.