Wednesday, 11 May 2011

I have arrived

Here I am sat in my room in Edinburgh, it's a four bedded room but no sign of my room mates yet and it's almost 10.30pm. I hope they are not going to come back roaring drunk, ha ha.

Half way through my packing and Bugsy decides he wants to come with me, sorry Bugs, you wouldn't like the journey, it's a long way.

It was a steady journey up, no rush, even though I had a late start due to me being so disorganised, and having to go to PC World for a Users Manual for this. I needn't have bothered, the man behind the desk looked at me as though I was a bit simple, they don't include the manual, you have to download it from the web site in PDF. Well I didn't know. How daft, you are supposed to have access to another computer to get the information you need.

I had better stop waffling, my room mates have just walked in, and they won't want to be up all night while I finish this. I came off the A1 and took the coast road for a while. I stopped to look over the sand dunes. Not sure where this is. A few miles down the road and I turned for Holy Island. The tide was out so I was able to drive onto it. There is a car park which they hope everybody uses because they don't want the place clogged up with cars. It cost £2.40, but as it was 4.30pm I didn't think it was worth paying that for half an hour, so I turned round and drove back.

This is Bamburgh Castle, I stopped in the car park and took the photo, no time to look around.

Next stop was Eyemouth, a quaint little fishing village, almost a town I think. A stroll around the harbour was nice.

I am not altogether happy with this hostel, there is no parking, and my car is on the road outside. I have to move it by 8.30am in the morning, or I get a ticket. It's a bit risky to leave it too long, I just hope it won't get broken into. I have to change rooms tomorrow night as well, a bit inconvenient. So I will be up early and out, to find another place to park. I am going off this place a bit.

By the way, I saw myself on the TV tonight, only one money saving tip, seems they have more than enough scrimpers now.


  1. I remember having a great family holiday in Berwick as a teenager and we went fishing at Eyemouth. I thought it was wonderful, being able to catch your own supper. I have thought about trying fishing again, but not sure I could gut them!

  2. When the title said you'd arrived and there was a photo of Bugsy, I thought you'd taken him with you!

    Shame you were only on once last night. They gave a lot of air time to the male scrimper this time didn't they?

  3. Fab photos!
    Bugsy is so cute, I wanted to lift him up and cuddle him.

  4. If you looking for a cheap place to eat in Edinburgh, I highly recommend the central mosque on Nicholson Street does great curries and breads for about £3-4. They're really big too. Also re car - if you're staying in the city for a few days I'd recommend moving your car to a suburb like Gorgie or maybe Corstorphine and getting the bus back. The parking attendants are like vultures in Edinburgh and the pay and park are expensive Its a small city centre and easy to see on foot.
    (former resident)


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