Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Scotland bound

The situation at the moment is, I haven't got half the jobs done that I needed to. I have managed to mow the lawn, but I hope we get some rain while I am away because the plants will need watering. I collected the Netbook, then had to make an extra trip to the store because they misinformed me about the dongle. The sales man said I could have a rolling contract for 30 days, to get 5GB, then change it to a pay as you go, because I won't be using it that often. Man on the phone said velly solly, can't do dat, so I had to change it to a pay as you go with 1GB.

I have been playing with it, mighty glad I got a mouse, those pad things are awful, the curser takes an age to move around the screen, whoever invented them wants shooting. Now I find I haven't got a user manual, so I will have to go and get one tomorrow before I leave, not sure if I need one really.

What I did find out is that I have no mobile broadband signal in my house, I have to go down the road and into the next street. Mad isn't it, not that I will need it at home anyway. So for quickness I am posting this from my usual place in my office. I haven't time to take a walk with the Netbook.

In fact I haven't even started packing yet and it's nearly nine o clock, I am hopeless. I 'd better get on with it, or it will be midnight before I get to Edinburgh tomorrow. Catch you later, oh, and bye the way, thanks for the super comments on the previous post.


  1. Really looking forward to reading about your trip

  2. Have a good trip Ilona, make sure you visit Lindisfarne if you can. The castle provides a beautiful photo shot!

    We will all be looking forward to seeing your photos and hearing your news, which somehow you always make interesting.

  3. Have a good trip! I am not a lover of the touchpaddy things either.

  4. have a lovely holiday. I hope the weather stays fine for you

  5. Just come across your blog, after seeing you on Superscrimpers and noticed that you post on Money Saving Expert too. Really enjoying reading it. Very inspiring. Thanks.


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