Sunday, 8 May 2011

Home made dog lead

What a shame, it was a lovely dog lead. Paul bought it for Alfie, and he looked really smart with it on. But...we have had a little mishap. I took Alfie and Ollie for a walk on Friday and we called in to see Sue, just for ten minutes. I tied the boys to the gate post, because I knew Ollie would go ballistic if he saw all the pussy cats in Sue's garden.

Naughty Ollie chewed through Alfies lead, oh dear. I felt terribly guilty, I should have been more carefull, but it was only ten minutes and I kept checking on them. So what can I do to put things right? Buy another lead maybe?

Why not make one. I worked out how to remove the black plastic sleeves, now what can I use for the lead. I know. I have some thick soft rope that I took out of a container which was on the back of my trailer. It had been used to secure the load so it wouldn't get damaged in transit. I thought at the time it was too good to throw away, so somehow it found it's way into my bag. It's not quite as thick as the lead but it is very strong and will do the job nicely.

To make the handle more comfortable to grip I put a leather sleeve on it.

So there you are, one new dog lead. It will be fine for Alfie because he is a steady plodder who never pulls on his lead.


  1. This is awesome, well done.

  2. You never fail to amaze me xx

  3. Problem Solving again Ilona!

    I'm beginning to think you enjoy the challenge.

    When are you off on your hols?

    Sft x

  4. Clever clogs!
    So easy and practical.
    Just goes to show that recycling IS and CAN be a way of life.

    Well done!

    Sandie xx

  5. Wow, Ollie had a right old chew at that!
    You've done a good job with it though, it looks as good as new.


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