Monday, 9 May 2011

I've blown it

I'm in shock, I've gone and blown a lot of money. It goes against the grain really but I had the refund from the water company and that more than covers it. Oh, I know it would have paid for my holiday, but there is £150 left over so that will go towards it. And I have been saving up so I wont be skint, there is still some left in the reserve pot.

So what have I spent £350 on, please don't tell me off, but I have bought a new gadget to play with. Something that will be used for my hobby, to make it more fun, and to make it easier for me.

So what is my hobby? Wandering around in different places, taking photographs, and....... blogging. I have splashed out on a Netbook, I can hear you gasp. I will tell you why. When I go away I have up to 300 photo's to sort out, I see lots of places, I make a few notes, but then it takes another week or more to get it all on the blog. With my memory not being as good as it was, I forget some of the stories, and you get a few waffly notes. So to make it easier for me, I will be able to post as I travel, hopefully most nights.

I go back to PC World tomorrow to pick it up, they are setting it up for me with everything I need. Easiest if I just pay them £15 for doing this. I will do a test post tomorrow night, keep your fingers crossed that it works.


  1. I don't see how that is consider blowing it. It is something that you will use on a daily basis. It makes you happy. I save on the things I don't really care about so I can but splurge on things that I do. You didn't go in to debt to buy it and you used money that really wasn't earmark for anything else. One other thing it will make your holiday so much more enjoyable cause your can record your actions in a timely manner. Or you could think of your computer as blowing it and only use a friends or the local libraries but you choose to own one so be it with the Netbook. Just enjoy it !

  2. I think it's a very wise purchase. Useful, needed and you didn't go into debt to get it.

    Absolutely nothing wrong with that!

    Enjoy it.

    Sue xx

  3. good for you! my netbook was really handy because it was so portable! I took it away with me and would use it in the garden - anywhere I wanted to! Very useful, I do miss it!

    No harm in blowing a chunk of cash you didn't even know about until recently and I'm sure you'll get your moneys worth of use on all your trips away :)

    Have fun playing with it!

  4. Just think of it this way - you provide a lot of advice and entertainment for all us followers! It also helps keep you out of mischief, haha.

    Like Joy says, you economise on things that don't matter, in order to leave the money for the things that DO matter, your car for instance and your little breaks away. You're not in debt, so if you've got some spare money you don't need to put away - why in heavens name not.

    Enjoy it Ilona, you will have some great fun with it.

  5. Whoop ! Whoop ! Great stuff Ilona, you will enjoy it (and so will we). I miss my daily fix when you are away.

  6. That was a windfall you spent - and imo unless you have pressing needs then blowing windfalls on something you want but might never otherwise buy is exactly the thing to do. In any case, if you're going to be blogging while you're away then it'll be worth every penny - to me! :O)))

  7. Wise choice. I love my netbook. I used to have a regular laptop but found it big and unwieldy so I didn't use it often. I use my netbook all the time (like now) for fun, to do my writing and to sell on Ebay etc. Wouldn't be without it.

    My daughter also has one. She suffers with back trouble but needed a computer for University and finds a netbook so much easier to carry around.

  8. Being frugal is not about never spending money, it is about economizing on some things in order to have other things. The only time this rule doesnt apply is if you are in debt which you are not (mortgage does nt count).
    I dont think you will regret the purchase - I am thinking of getting one myself - and you have nt gone into debt to buy it.
    My dad used to say "there is no taste to nothing" you will get hours of pleasure and creative use out of it.

  9. I've just read all the other comments so far - couldn't put it any better myself! I know what you mean, though; I get a sick feeling when I spend a huge chunk of money. In effect, you saved up for it; so enjoy it!

  10. Don`t feel bad about having splashed out. You deserve to treat yourself for all the other times you do not spend at all. You`ve got your priorities worked out well, so enjoy your new toy!!

  11. I'm happy, means we'll all be going on holiday with you too!

    Sft x

  12. Being careful doesn`t mean that you have to wear a hair shirt all the time!
    Enjoy your new gadget and look upon it as part of your hobby.
    I don`t know much about Netbooks but they sound very useful things for a busy blogger!

  13. I have not posted before, just want to say I am sure you will enjoy your netbook, mine gets lots of use, together with my dongle thingy which costs me £5 per month, even OH would not be without it now on holidays, weekends away, days out, look up timetables, opening times, addresses etc, and of course read all your lovely blogs! Ali from Dorset.

  14. You have every right to get a netbook. You have made a good investment in something that will help you to get your message out in a timely manner. Time is money too and you will be spending your time more wisely with the help of the new gadget ;-)

  15. Taking care of one's "passions" is taking care of ones soul....if we don't do that, what's the sense of living?