Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Perth to Crianlarich on Sunday

Hello from Oban. I am sitting here in my en suite room at the Backpackers Hostel, watching tele, much better than sitting in a damp tent, ha ha. Thought I was here for three nights, but have checked my itinery and it is only two. Any way, I'll try and do a catch up on the photo's, so these are from the journey from Perth to Crianlarich. If you remember I said I stopped at Crieff for a look around. Here is the painted cow, isn't it lovely, I would like one in my garden.

And if anyone fancies buying a church, here is one you might take a look at. Not sure how much it is though.

A few pics of the short walk along the West Highland Way, once I had checked in at the hostel.

More to follow


  1. Fab pictures! we are camping near Aberfoyle from Thursday - hope the weather is going to be a bit better!

  2. What beautiful countryside.
    I bet you're loving it!

    Sft x

  3. Terrific photos, thanks for sharing them. It's great being able to follow you on your jaunt around Scotland. I've never met you but with your banter in your blog and the sharing of your pics, it's like we are all on holiday with a good friend. A real tonic. I check in every morning to have a read of your blog before the kids wake up and the peace has been shattered. ;-) Came across this link re the painted cows.


    There is a Happy Birthday one, like the Maddy's Garden one too.

    Link here about Mull.


    Cheers for now, look forward to your next post.

  4. I've got a link to a company who does those wigwams, and they're not too expensive either, when there is more than one of you. They were at a site called Barnsoul Farm, a little way from Dumfries.

    I'm replying to this back to front as I've already replied to your later post. I can't wait to see your photos of Mull, I've never been there and would love to.

  5. ooo it does look beautiful Ilona, I think you should definitely have a painted cow in your garden :)

  6. Ah...memories. Used to go fishing for trout most weekends, by train to Crainlarich. Not been there for over 40 years now! Looks a bit like Autumn rather than late Spring/early Summer, though! Probably always did, I fear.


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