Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Pics of Monday's walk.

Here is my birthday walk in the rain. Starting at the Hostel in Crianlarich I went under the railway bridge to pick up the path for the West Highland Way northbound. Visibility wasn't brilliant, I could just about make out the hills in the distance.

Water water everywhere.

No I haven't forgot to turn this photo around, these trees really are lying down on their sides. They must have quite shallow roots for them to be completely blown over in a strong wind. I stopped to chat to three guys and mentioned that I would have liked sit in a shelter to eat my sandwiches. They said they couldn't possibly build shelters up here because they would get blown away. Here is the proof, shelters wouldn't stand a chance if the trees keeled over.

The beautiful soft carpets under the pine trees.

And another waterfall.

Coming out of the forest I came down those steps under the left arch to cross over the main road. There is a railway line over the top.

A slight deviation from the path and I followed a woodland walk and found the Auchteryre Waterfall. It was amazing, when I saw it I thought it's the next best waterfall after Niagra Falls, ha ha.

It is impossible to get the whole waterfall one photo, it stretches for such a long way, twisting and turning over the rocks.

Here is one of the wooden tents I mentioned. The holiday park is known as the Strathfillan Wigwams. There is a shop and coffee shop on site. It's a beautiful setting, but oh the noise from the waterfall.

This was my halfway point, time to go back. The rain was getting heavier so I turned round. The views are just as good on a return journey, you see things you hadn't noticed before.


  1. What a beautiful place to walk! The greens look so fresh and new after the rain.

  2. Belated Birthday greetings to you!
    What a lovely place to be, despite the rain.

    Sandie xx

  3. What a beautiful place! I'm enjoying your Scotland posts as I've never been!

  4. Looks beautiful!
    The wooden tents look as thought they would be very dark inside or am I not seeing the windows?
    Jane x

  5. Pitchup.com
    I thought I'd already commented on this, lovely post, woods, water and everything all rolled into one.

    The link is for those wigwams. Off to bed now!