Friday, 6 May 2011

Waffle Waffle

I have been on and off this computer all day, trying to put a few smart arse words together so that all my readers will be dead impressed, but it is just not happening, so I think I'm going to waffle instead.

The masterpiece was going to be about routine, and why I hate it. It may get finished, it may not, so don't hold your breath, I have writers block.

I think what is happening is that I have so much swimming around inside my bonce, I can't focus. Someone has just been to view the kittens, she seems a nice lady, but it won't be up to me if we let her have one, or not. She is definately a cat lover, having had one before, but she lives on a busy road. We will have to discuss this amongst ourselves.

I have got my midge repellant for next week, don't want to be bitten to bits by the little horrors. I've got some brochures from the tourist information about the areas I will be visiting, don't want to miss out on anything important. I have been thinking about getting a netbook so I can blog on the move, but I might have left it too late now, I will never learn how to use one in a couple of days.

Clothes need washing, food needs buying, lawn needs mowing, house needs cleaning, panniers need finishing, maps need printing, bags need packing, oh I can't be bothered.

I gave a Meanqueen talk last night to a group of ladies, all went well, lots of laughs, but I could see some people were not very impressed with my money saving tips. When you read them on the side some of them seem a bit silly. Last night I explained them in more detail adding a bit of humour, and I think some of the women thought I was totally bonkers. The look of horror on their faces when I said I cook a meal in one pan and eat it out of that pan, to save money on washing up.

One lady said she couldn't possibly ask her husband and children to join her in becoming frugal, they would never stand for it. She also made the point of how difficult it would be not to buy her children all the things they asked for to keep up with their mates. A lively discussion followed.

I think the reason people didn't quite get my reasoning last night was because a lot of them appeared to be fairly well heeled. It is a posh village where people are not short of a bob or two. But as it has been shown on Super Scrimpers, the wealthiest are not always the ones in control of their finances. I wouldn't be surprised if one or two of them last night are drowning in debt, but they are not going to admit it.

Oh dear, now I'm getting into another serious article, and this is supposed to be waffle. Don't you think Coronation Street is becoming very silly? It's getting more like the Jeremy Kyle show every day. I'm still addicted to it though. End of waffle.


  1. I like to eat out of the pan to save washing up too!

    Netbooks are really easy to use, no different to any pc, except the tiny screen! Mine was great for 18 months until i spilled a drink on the keyboard...oops!

    Can't comment on corrie as i dont watch that or any other soaps!

  2. I like the titled lady on Super Scrimpers whose name escapes me (it's been a hectic day). One thing that she said was along the lines of this. If you are well off and wasteful with money it's an insult to the poor.

  3. I dont eat out of the pan - I have some very nice china and I use it on a daily basis. It is civilized and I dont really believe it saves money not using a plate and I think it is a bit demoralizing even if you are alone (I have a cloth napkin also) - I have to wash the cutlery and glass so whats the difference. There are things I would nt give up - tp is one although I only flush the loo once a day. It is the only paper product I have in my house.
    I refuse plastic bags but I dont think they will stop until stores start charging for them.

  4. They might be horrified at eating out of the pan but I don't suppose they would think twice at eating a ready meal out of the provided container after microwaving it.
    I think many people make excuses for why they wont start to be frugal ,knowing full well that if they HAD to,they would just do it.

  5. As a parent you are your child's main teacher and you should teach them 'NO'. How can people go through life thinking they can have everything just because their friends have things. My mom used to say to us '' if your friend jumped off the cliff would you ??''. The constant saying 'yes' to your kids , i think, is for some parents to have an easy life ( or so they think !!)

  6. I'm chuckling because when I first learned you cooked and ate out of the same pan I was horrified, and I'm not posh. But after further reflection I thought "why not?". If you are living alone there is no problem. You're saving on your labour, the water and wear and tear on the dishes. After all who is going to see it but you? If there are two or more of you though, I don't think this idea works as well.

  7. It made me smile when I saw you on Superscrimpers this week going to bed in your clothes. I used to do the same thing several years back when I lived in a flat with a huge bedroom that had no heating and was always freezing. No way was I taking anything off!

  8. I use a (10" x 7" Samsung) netbook at home (I don't have a big desk top PC). At home the netbook is connected to a large screen/monitor, normal keyboard and mouse which is an excellent arrangment. The netbook comes with me when I'm away in my campervan.

    I use my touch screen mobile phone for blogging (and for Internet browsing, e-mailing, taking photos, as well as phoning/texting) when backpacking.

    Wouldn't want to be away from home without my netbook and phone now.

  9. We always eat out of the pans right on the stove but I never thought of it as saving dish soap and water. It is mainly just our laziness and the fact that we want to watch tv while we eat so no one sits at the table.

  10. Joyful, you've got it, I live alone so what does it matter. Maybe husband and wife could share a pan, but any more would be unhygienic, ha ha.

    Miss Piggy Bank, I wanted to say something similar last night, but who am I, a single childless woman, to tell others how to bring their kids up. I shut my mouth.

    You might have persuaded me to go and buy a Netbook on Monday, Brian.

  11. If I see people going to buy something I know they could get cheaper elsewhere, I often tell them you can buy it cheaper at so and so store. Some people have been happy to have been told, others look at me horrified, as if they'd dream of buying it cheaper elsewhere(!) Loving your blog, been reading for ages, just came across it tonight and it's fab.