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Thursday, 5 May 2011

TV, Radio, what next ;o)

I have voted, but I'm not telling you which way I have gone, that's my secret. I'm not into discussing politics, everyone has their own opinions on what they think works and what doesn't, and what needs changing and what needs leaving alone. One thing I will say though is that I get sick of the constant bickering between the parties, they all need a kick up the backside. We get campaign leaflets through the door, not from parties singing their own praises and outlining their plans for a better world, but slagging off the other side. I can't be doing with such childish behaviour. Politicians should talk about their own positives and not the other sides negatives.

I am just listening to my radio thingy this morning, it's on the BBC website. It's a long winded link but if you want to listen click on local radio stations, click on Radio Humberside, click on Lara King 9am to noon. My bits are mixed up with the converstaions with the other two ladies who were in the studio at the same time. We all left at 10am, so there is about 50 mins to listen to.

I have watched Super Scrimpers on the web site, I think my bit this week was better than last weeks. Did you like me stepping out of the bath wrapped in a towel originally they wanted to film me in the bath, I said no thanks. Wonder what they will show next week.

Must go, got things to do. Catch you later.


  1. I always thought that if you voted the government got in! Or maybe I'm just paranoid ;o)

  2. As I tell all my friends while standing in the line at the polling station - I hope you are voting for the right person !
    Politicians slag each other off because it WORKS and people want to believe nasty things about others. We all say we are sick of it but if it did nt work they would nt do it.

  3. Yes, Super Scrimpers was much better yesterday.

    Sft x

  4. Politics are the same way here in the U.S. I get so frustrated with them. Tell me what good YOU are going to do, not what bad things your opponent did in their past. Love your blog!

  5. Yes you looked very fetching in your towel. You should have let them film you in the bath and then at least the water wouldn't be wasted! (I'm presuming the toilet didn't really need flushing).


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