Thursday, 23 June 2011

On the radio in Hull

The BBC called, and I went. Here I am arriving at the studios of Radio Humberside, at Queens Gardens in Hull city centre, on a free bus ride over the bridge.

The new presenter of the morning show is David Burns, he's a very chatty chappie. I really enjoy doing these interviews, David made it so easy. I have just listened to it on the BBC web site, and it was pretty darn good if I may say so myself. I'll put the link here, I hope it works. You need to slide the bar at the bottom to about two thirds of the way across.

When that was all done and dusted I went a walkabout, and found a few things I hadn't seen before on previous visits. A walk along the edge of the River Hull brought me to the Streetlife Museum. I have been here before but it's worth another look. I missed this ornamental fence before because it is tucked away at the back of the museum.

It is quite unusual with all the fancy metalwork in between the arched railings.

Parked next to the museum is a fishing vessel, The Arctic Corsair

This was the last of the Hull side fishing trawlers, now she is a museum. She was built at Beverley Shipyard in 1960, and weighs 764 tons gross. She was rammed by an Icelandic gunboat during the 'Cod Wars', in the 1970's. She had a crew of twenty, and was finally laid up in 1987.

Inside is an exhibition dedicated to the fishing industry in Hull, where there is a model of this boat.

There is a fantastic model of the whole of Hull dockyards, there must have been hundreds of trawlers operating from here. This is just a little bit of it, it's difficult to get good photo's through the glass cover.

And here is a mock up of how the bridge would have looked. A little bit sparse compared to the Royal Yacht. It's hard to imagine how awful it would have been to be tossed around in rough seas in something quite basic.

Indeed a lot of fishermen were lost at sea as this memorial shows. Some of the young lads were only sixteen, how terrible. I read a few of the names, it brought tears to my eyes, very sad.

A few more pics of another part of the museum. I like these life size models.

And last but not least, my smiley dinner for tonight.


  1. Very artistic Ilona, how did the radio show go? Sally

  2. Nice photos. No explanation at all? Is the radio show anywhere on the internet?

  3. Ilona, just listened to your radio interview. As usual you had lots of interesting points of view, really enjoyed it. Had to laugh when the guy said they threw lots of food away in his house, and waited with baited breath to hear your response. Sally

  4. I will listen to the radio show, you're a celeb now! Love the dinner x

  5. You might have seen this post before I finished it. My apologies, I hit the wrong button, and posted too soon, ha ha. Yes, the radio thingy went very well, the link to it works.

  6. Listened to the interview, it was great!

    I love the pictures of the ornamental fence.

  7. I enjoyed your radio thingy. I had to laugh at you picking up the litter around the teenagers feet!

    What a great fence that is outside the museum.

  8. I really enjoyed listening to you on the radio, I wish more people could talk as much sense as you do!

    I've never visited hull but it looks like an interesting place.

  9. Yeah the link worked. Fantastic interview, just one complaint, you were not on long enough:( What a wonderful guest you make, bubbly, happy and very funny. Hope Burnsy invites you back again soon. xxxx Oh loved your creative dinner:)

  10. approx 1:43.00 for folks looking for the programme. Great stuff and super, super photos!

  11. Thanks for that Jo. I've just been sent a copy of my bit in an email, and have tried to insert it into a post, but it's not having it, either as a picture or as a video. Not sure what to try next. Wont allow copy and pasting. Will ask Mark tomorrow.

  12. Brilliant interview Ilona, they should give you a regular spot. Sounds as if they need you to do a talk on food waste. The pictures of Hull are great, very interesting. Another smiley dinner, love it !

  13. So glad I could pick that link and listen over here in the US. It was nice hearing your voice, so now when I read your posts I know what you really sound like! Great interview.

  14. I really enjoyed the interview, it must be great to be able to enjoys these unplanned 'invitations' - take all opportunities, "media star in the making"!! The fence is brilliant; it is nice to see that not all things modern are unrecognisable. Glad you enjoyed your day.

  15. Enjoyed listening to you on the radio spot, you are a natural. This is my first comment tho I have been reading my way through your blog for a few months now. I like it very much and appreciate that you blog so often and such interesting and entertaining posts.
    I am a save the best for last kind of gal so I have taken up reading your blog last thing and end up with a smile or sometimes even a laugh.
    Thanks Ilona from Candace in Colorado USA
    your food is fun too!

  16. Welcome Candace, pleased you have popped in. As I mentioned, I really enjoy writing this blog. Keeps my brain busy, makes me go out, and it enhances my life. I am glad I found blogging.

  17. What great metal work, the schoolboy cap and tie reminded me of Just William and Victoria (I'll thwceam and thwceam until I'm thick). Listened to your interview on BBC Radio Humberside, it starts at 1.44:15. Enjoyed listening to it, had to laugh when you said about using the showers... :-) When Burnsy said that he threw food out in his house...Noooooooooo!!! How's your blood pressure. ;-)

    Loving the funny face dinners. :-)

    Terrific photos BTW, I really enjoy viewing your photos. Heading to town to see if I'll be able to get my free Thorntons chocs, pal sent me a voucher in the mail for them. Fingers crossed. Cheers. Christy x

  18. Oh what fun that radio interview was! I think they should give you a regular slot there, don`t you? In our times of recession and the need to be savy and thrifty, they could make a regular radio program with your hints and tips for a better life. I`d listen and so would many more, I`m sure. Can`t you suggest that to the radio station?


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