Friday, 24 June 2011

Easy meals for busy people

I've been a bit busy today, getting things ready for our stall at the village fete tomorrow. Me, Sue, and Janet have had a good clear out, and will be selling off our unwanted stuff to make some money for the rescue pussies.

Janet and Sue have been receiving lots of calls from people who want to rehome their cats, but we can't help at the moment because we have our full quota. One woman rang to say she has two unspayed females and they have both given birth to four kittens each. They want us to take eight kittens. What a stupid woman, why on earth didn't she get them done. Some people haven't got the brains they were born with. Grrrrr ;o(

This is todays happy face lunch. Underneath the bed of spinach is two Enchalado wrap wotsits, with grated cheese on them and microwaved. Got to use them up somehow, there are eight in a packet. The eyes started as pieces of nectarines, but they didn't look right so I put two dollops of potato salad on them. Nose and mouth is nectarine and teeth are pickled onions. Around the edge are the last of the cheap cherries. Yum, very nice.

And for my dinner I have just eaten this. Brown rice, with a topping made with an onion, slices of green pepper, frozen sweetcorn, two veggie sausages, chuck in some spices and flavourings, and hey presto. I make them up, it's dead easy.

Have a nice weekend, I'll be back tomorrow with some pics of our stall.


  1. You've started a food trend now Ilona. Hope you raise lots of money tomorrow. Sally

  2. Oh I love your food face, I used to have to make my sons meals like that all the time when he was little.
    Good luck with the fund raising.

  3. Good luck with fundraising tomorrow!
    The best excuse I've ever heard for not getting a female cat speyed was "but she would never do such a thing, she's a good girl'!! Mind boggles about some people!!
    Jane x

  4. LOL...good girls get frisky! Maybe the woman cannot afford to fix the cats? Here in the US, there are programs for the elderly to get animals fixed for free or maybe $3 instead of the usual fees.bCute face.

  5. Thanks for todays smile, brilliant. I hope you raise lots of money for the pussies.

  6. Nectarine and pickled onion?
    You're not pregnant are you?! :0)

  7. Lovely salad face...but did your Mother never tell you not to play with your food!! Lol.

    I hate the irrsponsibility of folks that have cats and dogs and don't get them spayed, especially cats. There really is no reason for the mass of unwanted and dumped kittens in this country. I have always got my cats from rescue societies and when you go through the doors of the houses of lovely people like you who are doing their very best against a tide of kittens and cats that flow in it's heartbreaking.

    That could be why I always take two at a time!!

    Hope your stall goes well and raises lots of money.

    Sue xxx

  8. Lovely food! Good luck with the fundraising!

  9. Good luck with the stall tomorrow, heatwave predicted for your part of the country so that will bring the people out for you. Hope you raise lots of cash for the kitties. My youngest said he would eat your meals no problem, and he's not great with salads etc, eldest will eat anything though. I'll have to try the funny faces when making his meals. Looking forward to hearing how things go. Cheers, Christy x