Monday, 6 June 2011

Time rich - cash poor

I have loads of time, but not loads of money, so rather than looking for ways to save time, I look for ways to manage my money better, and if there is a bonus in it for me I'm quids in. I don't know if that makes sense to you, but it does to me.

Today I needed to pay my council tax, as it should have been in by the first of the month, so I needed to get it there ASAP. Now the majority of people I suspect would set up a direct debit, it saves faffing about every month as the money is spirited away out of your bank account without you even batting an eyelid. All well and good if you lead a hectic lifestyle, but I have plenty of time to sort out my own bill payments thank you very much. I keep my direct debits to a minimum, so I can keep a close eye on who is dipping their fingers into my pot. The rest get paid either by cheque or cash.

Today I was looking for an excuse to go for a walk, and what better excuse than to take my cash and pay the council tax, at the office in town. The ideal solution.
The bonus is that I get the excercise to keep me fit. It's 5 and a half miles each way, and takes 1 hour 40 minutes each way. While I was there I ate my pack up on a bench in the shopping precinct while I people watched, and then spent half an hour reading the papers in the library. Most enjoyable.

Here are a few pics of my walk to town. Turn right off the road and walk through this lovely wild flower meadow.

The crops are looking pretty good. What is this, barley, corn, or what, I don't know, ha ha.

In all the times I have passed these farm buildings, I have never seen any activity here at all, and they are not derelict. Would make a fantastic barn conversion project.

Lots and lots of poppies mixed in with the oil seed rape.

An amazingly beautiful sight.

The spuds are looking well. The soil here is more like sand, you would think we were close to the seaside.

A tranquil scene at the fishing pond at Flixborough. I can't see the point of fishing myself, if you are not going to eat the fish. Fancy being dragged out of the water by a ruddy great steel hook embedded in your mouth, it must hurt like hell. Then a big pair of hands pulls it out and you are tossed back with a hole in your lip. Pretty unfair if you ask me.

So, the bonus is that I am a lot fitter, and I have seen all this beautiful countryside. A bloomin nice way to pay a bill if you ask me.


  1. Do you use quidco? I've just started and so far I've bought things I needed and got £166 cash back. I am the other way round - cash 'rich' (well lets be clear I am not by any means rich) and time poor. I am out of my house every day for 13 hours monday to friday. wouldn't it be nice to have both?

  2. The poppy field is beautiful, craigie boy is indeed a handsome boy, thanks x

  3. What lovely photos! I don't think you need an excuse to do that walk but it does make paying a bill more pleasant!

    I think the crop you saw is wheat but I'm not 100% certain!

  4. I'd say barley, with that "beard"

  5. I think Barley too.

    What beautiful scenery, especially that field. I love hearing about how you spend your're never short of ideas and spend your limited funds brilliantly.

    Sft x

  6. Love your pictures Ilona, I think you are brave to do all your solo walking.
    Sally (Gy)

  7. I agree wholeheartedly.
    You are one of those unique people who really look around you and take pleasure in your surroundings, you will never suffer boredome Ilona and never lack for exercise either :-)

  8. Hi D of a Tinyholder. No I don't use Quidco. I assume you click through it if you buy something online. I don't buy anything online, in fact I hardly buy anything at all except food and holidays. Thanks for the tip though, I am sure it must be quite usefull for some people.

  9. Field Poppies are my favourite flowers, next to Sweet Peas. They are just so beautiful!

    I'm going to be sitting down shortly and having a re-think of my own finances and see where I can make a few more savings.

  10. A GREAT way to pay a bill!

    The walk, the barn (yes, a great re-do project), and the red poppies, smashing.


    Sharon Lovejoy Writes from Sunflower House and a Little Green Island

  11. Walking through such pretty surroundings must take a lot of the pain out of paying council tax. Lovely pics as usual Ilona :O)


  12. Lovely walk, the field of poppies is beautiful.

  13. I pay my national insurance like that. Not walking to the post office but I wait for the bill then go online and send the money. It helps me feel in control of my heaps of gold :P

  14. Those poppies are so beautiful. The other thing I like is that lately our local council (not the main one but our little 'town' one, have planted out wild flowers in the verges and parks. They look wonderful, especially when they mix red, white yellow and blue. Some mixes don't have the red and blue.

    Definitely think that crop is barley.

  15. Beautiful! Thanks for sharing. You encourage me to be frugal and to do the things I want. Since reading your blog, I have gotten a kitten. (She is getting spayed today, poor little deary.) I am making a point to be a more diligent, efficient recycler, and I ride my new bike all over to save money on gas. It is enriching my life. I am grateful to have stumbled onto your blog. I am sure I am not the only one you are having a positive impact on. And your friends and pets are blessed to have you in their lives.
    Have a beautiful day. Off to the bank on my 2 wheeler. ;)

  16. Cracking pictures, you live in some very beautiful countryside. The poppies are gorgeous.

    You probably know this already but... I like reading your posts on MSE too.