Monday, 6 June 2011

My Craigie Boy

Here is my Craigie Boy, dubgirl has requested a photo.

The writeup in the magazine says........
"Craigie Boy has spent the winter months with a group of thoroughbred geldings in the large barns at Walklands Farm. They were turned out into the field for the day and loved racing and playing in the snow. At the start of the year he had to be kept in for three weeks due to a cut on his leg. After antibiotics and bandaging it healed well and he was happy to be out in the field again with his friends."

You can adopt a horse for a minimum of £5 a year. If you want to upgrade, or give one as a gift, you can pay £12.50 for an adoption pack as well. This contains an adoption certificate, A4 laminated picture, key ring, rosette, and notebook. Of course you can donate as much as you like, and probably like myself people give what they can afford.

There is a choice of 13 animals available for adoption, which includes horses and donkeys. Bransby has 281 animals at their site, they also are responsible for another 137 which are in loan homes. 34 animals were taken into care in 2010, and up to now this year 18 have been taken in.

They also have a second site at Leominster. Last year they took in a small herd of Dartmoor ponies which were destined for slaughter. Most of their new residents in the last six months have been abandonment cases. Leominster is not open to the public, but Bransby is open 365 days a year for visitors.

I hope that has given you a bit more background information. Thank you for reading.


  1. I used to adopt a horse at Bransby, but haven't for a few years now. Thank you for reminding me about them - I think now's the time for me to adopt one.

    I, too, have visited the site and it is lovely - a great day out.

    KB xx

  2. What a handsome boy....sending him cyber kisses and a rub on his nose.
    Jane x