Friday, 4 November 2011

Chop up your old towels

I'm going to stop washing my face. It's too cold now to stick my hands under the cold water tap for the quick swill in the morning, and my poor skin is becoming very wrinkled and dry. I have a bottle of cheap Value baby lotion which is ideal to use as a cleanser. This I shall spread all around my boat race, that's face for them that don't know Cockney rhyming slang.

I will massage it well in with my finger tips. So I don't use lots of toilet paper to wipe it off with, I have made some wipes. Take an old grey hand towel which used to be white. Cut it into eight squares. Hem round the edges with the machine.

Bingo. Wipes that you can use for cleaning anything you like. In a few weeks my face will be as smooth as a baby's bottom :o)

Throw them in the washing machine when they get mucky. I am probably preaching to the converted here, I bet most of you already do this. Good on ya, re use and re cycle, save the planet.


  1. Buy the cheapest cold cream for a change, leave it on for 10 minutes before wiping it off your face, and a tub of generic vaseline.
    Put the vaseline on your feet at night and put on old socks - feet are lovely in the morning.
    I have just replaced my towels after several decades of use in the bathroom,cut them up as you did for use everywhere. When they are really past it I use them as mulch in the garden or throw them on the compost.

    Try drawing some cold water the night before and letting it stand - not as cold as the mains water.

  2. I would not put vaseline on your face did you not hear what happened to the woman who had an eye op I heard that she had vaseline lots of it ingrained behind her eye socket.

  3. I use Aldi face wash. I wouldn't use Vaseline on my face although I have tried it. I think it blocks the pores. I think a large, cheap bottle of Nivea normal not dry skin lotion would be good for cleaning your face, a friend of mine uses it. She has skin that soon suffers with anything else. The towelling pads are a good idea but I give my old towels to OH for his garage.

  4. And now you have the cloths there is no excuse not to try cloth wipes after peeing. Smiley face here.
    I use cloth to wash my face and body. No soap or creams unless I am really stinky and dirty.


  5. My sister told me to rub olive oil into my face at night,i smelt like a salad,it made me hungry,and the Cat kept trying to lick my face,so i won't do that again!i just use Nivea,have used it for 30 year's!and i also cut up my old towell's for wipes,great idea!

  6. Carol,
    that is sooo funny about the cat.

    Obviously I feel dirty all the time and stinky because I do use Dove. I use only Dove and some homemeade soap gotten on an internet trade. The homemade soap does not even need rinsing off my body, it is that mild.

    Old wash cloths, thrift store, or yard sale wash cloths are used for pee and poo by me. I have maybe 30 or 40 for this. Then, maybe I have maybe 20 thicker ones for bathing. As for hygiene, I would not hesitate to use them interchangably after washing and drying, and I have when I ran out of one stack or the other.

    At least holding a wet cloth on my face is not an option as long as I have hot water heater or stove. If you use Vaseline, you are smearing a petroleum product. Ewww, the eye surgery thing is gross.

    I feel fresher and ready for the day after bathing, even if it is an all-over rub-off with a warm cloth and my bottom and underarms washed with soap.

    Your skin is wrinkled and dry because of age and sun and cold wind. You cannot do anything about age. If I find out differently, you will be the first I tell. But, sun protection for a person of your hair and skin coloring is a must, not just a hat. The rays that cause skin cancer can even come in our windows and under the shade of trees.

    If the wind is getting cold, or it is blowing more, you need to protect your skin. I don't know what to tell you to use. I use nothing because I cannot stand gunk on my face, but at 65 I have few wrinkles. Now, when I lose some weight, we will all see I just had puffed out wrinkled skin.

  7. I have found the putting moisturiser onto damp skin makes it feel much more soft and hydrated. Carry on splashing with water, but just pat off the excess and put your moisturiser straight on.
    I have noticed getting older and especially living on this windy hill, makes my skin drier that it used to be.
    I am now buying products for "mature" skin :-O
    It's the only part of me that's grown up LOL

  8. Hi,

    Great news about you going away again. I love looking the photos of your walks and what good value your overnight stays are!

    Don't forget you can use your clubcard vouchers to help pay of them. Tesco is paying for my YHA accomodation on my birthday night. :)

    We are off to Penzance YHA for New Year too!

    Sft x

  9. Hope you dont mind me commenting but my mother used to buy rose water and witch hazel from the chemist and never ever put water onto her face.
    Rose water as the cleanser and witch hazel as the astringent after. She also used a moisturiser daily and had lovely skin without any lines. Found your blog on Martin lewis website and very enjoyable it is too

  10. I don't mind you commenting at all, Anonymous, nice to meet you. Thank you for your info on skin cleansing, I might try your mums tips.