Saturday, 5 November 2011

You can't beat a good scrub

I've always been a scrubber. I believe you've got to put a bit of elbow grease into the job to scrub away all the muck around you. Years ago people scrubbed their front door step. I never did that, but I don't mind getting down on my hands and knees to scrub the kitchen floor once in a while.

When I used to do my washing in the kitchen sink I would get the clothes on the draining board all soaped up and scrub away at them with a nail brush. Seemed a good way to get right down into the fabric and loosen all the dirt. We didn't have all the stain busting chemicals which they have now, it was scrubbing that got your clothes clean.

I like to have a good scrub up in the bath. Every fortnight, whether I need it or not :o) I have a long soak, and finish off by scrubbing the whole of my body. It makes me tingle from top to toe and gives me a warm glow. Last night was such an occasion and afterwards I snuggled under my duvet for a glorious nights sleep.

Now, I have recently discovered that you don't actually need to be in the bath, when you scrub yourself down, indeed you don't even need any water. Dry body brushing is apparently all the rage now, and if done correctly can have all kinds of benefits. Here is a little bit of info from

• Stimulates blood flow to increase nutrient delivery to cells• improves lymph flow to carry toxins and waste products out of the body• Removes dry, dead skin cells • Encourages cells to regenerate • Results in smooth glowing skin • Stimulates production of sebum (oil), to nourish dry skin• Helps combat cellulite and fatty deposits• Increases energy and stimulates the body• Feels great.

Sounds good eh! This is my brush, but it is the wrong kind, it should be a real bristle brush, I will get one soon. In the meantime this will do.

If you want to know how to do it, here is a short video. I must say the presenters skin looks like it is glowing, so smooth and wrinkle free.

So are you going to join me and have a go? Go on, become a scrubber like me :o))


  1. I think it is pretty interesting. Worth a try anyway.

  2. I am too lazy for dry skin brushing. I do it once and then lost interest ha ha ha!

  3. My dermatologist told me not to scrub my skin to counter dry skin. I did not feel like I had dry skin, just asked her about one funny patch. I guess I looked However, I will scrub with all my might AND with hot water for the comfort. I don't have a scrub brush, just a nail brush for my toes and feet. I like really rough wash clothes, unlike most people.

  4. I remember, from a long time ago, a woman who ate nothing but fruit and brushed her whole body every day, looked amazing and found a boyfriend many years younger than she was. Ah, yes, Leslie Kenton (the masculine spelling of the name - odd)
    might be worth a look.

    If my bathroom is warm enough to spend more that 20 minutes in it tomorrow I shall join you, I do have a bristle brush, it detaches from a handle that enables me to scrub my back.

  5. Hi Ilona
    We don't own a washing machine either and people seem not to believe us when we tell them.
    Our washing is a clean as the next persons and all done in the sink or bath.


  6. I did try this a few years ago but didn't keep it up for long I'm afraid.

  7. Are we meant to do this instead of having a bath or in addition to. My body is not something I spend a lot of time on other than try to eat well and exercise. I will dig out a brush and try this though. Cant say I will end up looking like the women in the video....................

  8. Been reading all your posts, you've certainly been busy. Olive oil is good for your skin. My late gran used to rub it on her legs at night and the Doctor said she had the best skin he'd ever seen for a 90 year old, like a baby's bum. :-) When I scrub up in the bath, I use the scrubby gloves, got mine in Poundland, they are great for a once a month scrub up, don't do it more than that or your skin will be red raw. Coffee grounds are apparently good for your skin too. The caffeine in them helps remove toxins from your body apparently. Starbucks gives them off free I think, or they used to do, not just good for your garden. You could scrub up and then rub a little olive oil on your skin, be careful you don't do a backflip in the bath though in the process. ;) Regards, Christy x

  9. I just have a good scratch! Seriously though another great post. I love your blog

  10. Ha ha Dave, so do I. Sometimes I think it would be handy to have a partner though, I can't reach my back very well.

    That's an interesting site, Toffeeapple, thanks for the link. My bathroom isn't warm enough to take my clothes off either, so I keep my top half clothed while I brush the bottom,and vice versa.

    lizzie, you are supposed to do this before showering or bathing, but I just wipe over with a wet flannel. I can't afford to use all that water. My fortnightly bath water is left in the bath for toilet flushing, I can easily dunk a flannel in it.

  11. I might give it a go - I'll just go and look for a brush!
    Happy scrubbing everybody.
    Love from Mum

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