Saturday, 17 December 2011

Table manners

I've been at home all day today. It started with Sounds of the Sixties on Radio two this morning, then the Graham Norton Show. Then I caught up with Corrie on the computer.

Lily cat is looking a bit perkier, he is responding to the medication, but hates it when I syringe the medicine into his mouth. His poo problem is getting better, and it looks like it's almost normal. Trouble is he always wants to go in the early hours of the morning, usually choosing the litter box in the bedroom. The smell wakes me up and I have no choice but to get out of bed and deposit the poo in the bag downstairs outside the back door. I have six litter boxes dotted about the place, this is mainly for Lily as he gets a bit confused and needs to go quickly. Don't you just love these oldie cats when they start to lose their marbles, ha ha.

I made another book cover, this was intended for a note book the same size as the last one, but when I put it on it was a little bit too tight a fit, and the stripes went all wobbly. So I found a slightly smaller book without a spiral spine and it isn't hardback. I had to stiffen the cover with a piece of cardboard. Looks fine though.

I inserted a piece of black elastic in the seam top and bottom on the back cover, as I was sewing it up. This can be pulled over the front to keep the book closed.

You could cover any type of books like this, not just note books. You could do diaries, address books, photograph albums, manuals, anything that you want to look smart. You could also make a matching pencil case if you have enough fabric, or stitch a pocket on the inside, or stitch a piece of ribbon into the centre of it for a book mark. Have a go.

Have you seen dogs like this. This film cracks me up, enjoy a larf.


  1. The wobble is very Bridget Riley! x

  2. It's only a tiny wobble, hardly worth mentioning.

  3. Everything about me wobbles! lol, whats a wobble between friends? Love the dog movie, my mutt would have dived in and scoffed the lot. Sally

  4. A friend posted it on my Facebook site, it is funny isn't it? You couldn't do it with cats.

  5. My last cat was 20 when she passed away last year. I can remember the whole litter tray problem! Bless her. I'm sure Lily's last days are very happy with you.
    I am totally new to gardening, and I want to grow veg next year, so can I ask you two questions please?
    1. Where is the best place to buy seeds? They seem expensive! Which ones are cheap and reliable?
    2. When you plant in plastic storage boxes, do you need to drill drainage holes in the bottom, or doesn't it matter?
    Thanks Ilona

  6. Talking of old cats. I remember poor old Kitty as she got older always used to just miss getting the wee in the tray so we bought one with a big rim that you remove, that solved the problem for us.
    We have 2 trays in the bathroom and Mr.T is the tray cleaner, with 5 cats most of his day is spent on the job. lol
    Funny thing is that there is a cat flap open all day and they are all free to come and go as they please but still prefer the privacy of the bathroom trays. lol

  7. Hi Briony, I've just gone round all my litter boxes putting newspaper underneath them. We had a whoopsie this morning deposited over the edge onto the carpet, yuk :-(

    Hi Jayne, Your gardening questions, The best time to buy seeds is late summer when they are all reduced. But you will have to wait till early next year now. I have bought some from Aldi before and have had good results from them. Try the discount stores, you don't need to pay a lot of money for them, and definately not from a garden centre, too expensive. If you know someone else who grows veg you could do seed swaps with them.

    Growing in plastic boxes, yes you do need to make drainage holes in them. You can drill them, quite a lot over the whole of the bottom. I don't have a drill so I used a tin opener with a sharp point to start off the hole, then gouged it out with the pointy end of a potato peeler. The plastic needs to be slightly flexible, as the brittle stuff cracks easily.

  8. hah! I really enjoyed that. Thanks! Maa

  9. Oh my, those dogs crack me up!