Thursday, 26 January 2012

Bimbling around Whitby

Good morning, just, it's nearly lunch time. I had a bit of a lay in this morning due to going to bed late last night. I though sod it, stop up all night if I feel like it, ha ha. Anyway, I've had a bit of a sort out of the photo's will put them up a few at a time as it takes ages to load them. First off, general photo's of Whitby.

There are two sides to Whitby, the East Bank which is where the hostel and Abbey are located, and the West Bank which has large hotels high up on the cliff top. The River Esk is in a deep valley between the two, spilling out into the North Sea. Close to the water on the East Bank is a maze of alleyways, narrow cobbled streets, and ancient buildings. Over on the West Bank is the fishing quay, which years ago would have been lined with fishing vessels three and four abreast. Whilst fishing still goes on it is on a much smaller scale. The two banks are connected by a swing bridge which lets vessels through to the marina and upper harbour.

This photo was taken near the top of the 199 steps. Dotted along the right hand side are benches built into the railings, where weary people can rest a while before continuing upwards. I will mention at this stage that the photo's were taken at different times of the day, hence the difference in lighing. You can walk along the two piers which form the harbour wall, I didn't because it was very blustery and cold.

At the bottom of the steps is a Tea Shop, a tall narrow building with four floors. Most of the buildings on this side have been crammed into a small space, even the modern ones.

Anyone fancy a bit of bovver, ha ha. Through that alleyway is the waters edge. If you fall out with someone you can chuck 'em in.

The swing bridge was opened in 1909.

There has been a lifeboat operating from here since 1802. A new lifeboat station was built in 2007.

I had a walk around the harbour, it's a lovely day, is it Spring already?

This is the view of the church looking across to the East Bank. The Abbey is behind it and the hostel next to it.

A view looking inland up the River Esk.

The harbour walls. Too cold to walk out there today.

It was almost 5pm when I climbed the steps back to the hostel.


  1. I'm sooo jealous Ilona wish I was at Whitby now. Glad you had a lovely time. Knew you wouldn't be able to get that hot chocolate or climb the steps after if you had. haha. But yes I agree the scenery beats all.x Jules

  2. lovely photo's, Whitby is hubby's favourite place to visit. Not been for a few years now though.

    Josie x

  3. Thanks for posting these. We must go back there one day. Such a lovely place, but the North Sea can get angry along that coast. You were wise to leave a walk along the harbour walls for a calmer day.

    My OH used to spend childhood holidays a few miles up the coast at the village of Sandsend. Wonderful for cliff walks and sea birds.

  4. What a beautiful looking place. I could wander around for hours discovering all sorts of things...probably give the argument alley a miss though.
    Jane x
    Ps Thanks for climbing all those steps for us!

  5. what a lovely place, did you pop into arguements yard?

    Gill in Canada

  6. I really am an armchair tourist with you Ilona!

  7. Great Pictures! It's eye candy that takes me on a journey across the pond at a time when travel across the pond isn't possible. I'm now 9 months preggers and barely comfortable to walk. :( Thanks for posting. I love to read and see where you have wandered off to and walked about!

  8. See you got a photo with the swing bridge open, doesn't happen too many times in a day :)
    We have been there so many times but still love to go back. (And you can still walk up the 199 steps even after going into the chocolate fountain shop cos we did it in December lol)

  9. I've never been to either Whitby or Robin Hood's Bay, although I'd love to see both, I would love to put my feet in the North Sea, where Wainwright finished his CtoC walk.

    The photographs are stunning, as usual.

  10. It looks a very lively place Ilona, I don't think I'd manage those steps, I'd need to be pulled up.

  11. What a glorious day!

    Nearly 5pm when you got back? Yes the days are drawing out now.