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Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Chips but no fish

Hiya. What do you reckon to Whitby hostel then, pretty cool eh! And what a fantastic location, on the top of a hill next to the Abbey, with fantastic views. I took this photo this morning, look at the blue sky. It's been lovely and sunny all day, I've been hot, wish I'd taken my shorts with me.

It was a different story yesterday however, it started off with rain and I had my full waterproofs on and my big brolly. No wind so I didn't get blown over the cliff edge, ha ha. The rain stopped at lunch time but it didn't really brighten up at all, still I made the most of it and did a long walk.

It was 1pm when I arrived on Monday and after parking at the hostel I spent the afternoon looking around Whitby. It was very windy and quite cold. It's a pretty place, very steep streets. There are 199 steps down to the town centre from the hostel, and 199 back up again. If anybody wants to visit the Abbey and can't manage the steps they would have to drive about half a mile around the road, and approach it from another direction.

I couldn't pop in my usual Tesco for the reductions because I was coming back over the Humber Bridge and not down the motorway, so I made a stop at Morrisons at Beverley as I was passing through. I spent the grand total of £1.17p, and for this I got 12 free range eggs 30p, bag of fresh egg noodles, 19p, two bags of prepared veg 38p, and bananas for 30p. I did even better when I called in at Tesco Barton on Humber. It's a smaller store and I didn't expect to get much, but it's worth a look if you are passing. I spent £1.57p. Five loaves of wholemeal bread at 5p each. Two bags of prepared salad at 8p each. Three stalks of brocolli at 3p each. A prawn salad for 30p, and some cooked turkey slices for the cats. Amazing bargains. I won't need to shop now for another week.

Anyway, I'll get off now. I've really enjoyed my visit to Whitby. I couldn't bring myself to spend £8 on fish and chips, so I just had a tray of chips for £1.35, and I got five doughnuts reduced to 37p from the Co op store. I know the hot chocolate would have been nice, but I managed with a kit kat instead, ha ha. It was the scenery which gave me the most pleasure, not what I put in my mouth. Catch you tomorrow. Toodle pip.


  1. That picture doesn't look like winter, does it?!
    Jane x

  2. I can't believe that is a hostel, it looks like a 4 star hotel.

    Great deal on the groceries.

    Gill in Canada

  3. Have a great time in Whitby. We had a few lovely holidays on that part of the coast when our boys were young. Good fossil beaches and lots of interesting places to explore.

  4. I am just always stunned by the food bargains you find. I have really tried but here in the US they would rather throw it away than mark it down . And when they do mark down something it is never as cheap as what you seem to find.
    And what a gorgeous hostel, wish I was there.

  5. That Morrisons is not far from me but they never seem to have bargains like that when I go there. Lucky you.
    That hostel looks realy great, you have stayed at some lovely places.
    Whitby used to be a day out for us when the kids were young, haven't been for ages.
    ladyhawthorne-the waste removal costs are so high they try to get the customer to carry as much out of the shops as possible.

  6. A tray of chips is an occasional grand treat :-) The hostel is amazing.

  7. Love Whitby, I have had some fantastic holidays there. I'm so glad you had a good time. The youth hostel looks amazing! Yes the price of fish and chips everywhere is pretty shocking but particularly in seaside locations. I remember when it was a cheap Friday tea! Now it's quite a luxury. Debs x

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  9. Wow, that place looks absolutely wonderful! :) And five loaves of bread - what a bargain!!!

    Hope you had a great time!

  10. My hubby wants to know what do you do with FIVE loaves in Whitby? Feed them to the seagulls?!! At home you could make breadcrumbs or freeze them but when you're away?? Curious minds would like to know!!

  11. Hi Kayjay. I think you mis understand. I bought the five loaves of bread on the way home. The idea is to shop late to find reduced items which are on the last date. The bread is in my freezer, I take it out two slices at a time for sandwiches and toast.

    It's a shame they dont sell food off cheap in your country ladyhawthorne. Have you tried asking the shop assistants what they do with it, and ask if you can have it.

    Hi Martin. I did go to the old hostel. I have a stamp for it from 1982, but I can't remember where it was.

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