Friday, 23 March 2012

Bits and bobs, before I go out....

Good morning, just dropping in for a quickie. It's going to be a nice day, so I have to get out and grab it now. Thanks for the comments yesterday. A couple of things which you might be interested in following up, thanks to the eagle eyes of my readers.

Louise has posted a you tube link, courtesy of her nice young man Dave, on how to mount a penny farthing. I think this explains it beautifully. Looks like I would need to practice this on soft ground, I would probably fall off a few times, ha ha. Thanks Louise.

She also included a link to a post she wrote on her blog about a bike rally that she went to. It's a great article with pics. Take a look if you are interested. Thanks Louise for reminding me.

Hi PP. Regarding the rice pudding. At 13p a tin, I hardly think it's worth making it, the cost of the electricity. But now Frugalfishfinger has informed us that it has gone up to 22p, shock horror, maybe now is the time to get the slow cooker out again, and give it a try. The river you asked about, it's the River Trent which runs past my village in North Lincolnshire not far from Scunthorpe. It widens out and flows into the River Humber, then into the North Sea.

Hello Old She Dragon. My friend Julie took the photo of me sitting in the sun on my deckchair enjoying my free wine ha ha. The photo's I did of my frugal fashion show over the ten days leading up to 1000 posts, were all done with the timer. It takes several goes to get an acceptable picture.

I can't find who posted this link, but here goes. Thank you anyway. A woman in Stamford Lincolnshire has put up some posters where she lives asking people to stop throwing litter about. I think I could have recruited her into my army, ha ha. Seems she has upset some of her neighbours with her plain English. I can't believe that she didn't know the other meaning of 'the word'. Think she is a bit posh.

Before I dash. I've had a lovely email from Judy in Australia, she is having trouble posting a comment. I hear you Judy, thanks for your kind words. And welcome to all the new readers, glad you are here. We have just hit the 400 mark, whoopeeeee. I am chuffed.

Stopping now, must go out, don't want to waste the day. There is one more comment I must reply to, will do it later. Toodle pip.


  1. Glad the link we found was useful!

  2. I make a whole slow-cooker full of rice pudding at a time - then freeze into portions - it freezes well and heats up perfectly in the microwave.
    Now the tinned stuff has jumped up, it seems the best way to do it.

  3. AHAHAHAHAHAAAAA! LOVE those posters! Maybe I should put some up round here; they are clearly getting more attention than the "... welcomes you, not litter" sign.

    Congrats on the 400 followers! That's awesome!

  4. Hi Ilona, that would be me sending you the litter story (I emailed it).

    I didn't know rice pudding could freeze, but thanks to Wean I've got a slow cooker full now cooking away and I'll freeze it in individual portions in the takeaway cartons my friends save up for me.

    I had an idea this morning - I wanted to plant up a window basket but didn't want to spend the money buying a liner, so I had a 'What would Ilona do?' moment and had the idea to use an old dark green sweater I had cut up for felting etc. I'll put some black plastic with holes inside and hopefully it should see me through the year!

    Linda xx

  5. I like Jo Riddell's posters, good for her! Here in Texas our slogan is Don't Mess with Texas!

  6. BBC Radio Suffolk have been running a "Don't be a Tosser" campaign for ages here :) Posters on hoardings, vans, etc all over the place. Google the phrase above plus Suffolk and you'll see plenty of hits.

  7. FrugalFishFinger100123 March 2012 at 21:01

    Hope you would be impressed Ilona - went weekly shopping for the 4 of us today. Cost us £25.84 inc all meals, snacks etc but only paid £18.84 with two coupons!

  8. There is a Penny Farthing (or Ordinary) bike race every so many years? at Knutsford. I wanted to go as it was either last year or year before but couldn't.

  9. Take care Ilona, don't dash around too much! Is Rocky ok? - I'm losing sleep over that little fella. Was thinking of you when this article was discussed on radio 2 and was waiting in anticipation for you to ring in! We are litter pickers in our area - my mum goes out every night as she lives by a corner shop where young people hang out. The next day you wouldn't know she had been :( Keep up your good work! Debs x (ps hope you don't mind me posting as I'm not a blogger but have a similar lifestyle).

  10. I had to look up what tossed meant. Ha


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