Thursday, 15 March 2012

Making shapes for decoration

I'm trying to get into crafting mode again, I seem to have gone through a mental blockage. Brain wired up to exercise, walking, and healthy eating at the moment. This is an idea to make your own embellishments which you can sew onto anything for decoration. You can customise bags, clothes, curtains, blinds, anything really.
I am not very good at sewing round corners and along edges with a machine, so I prefer to hand sew around shapes with tiny stitches. First, choose the fabric, and the shape, then make a cardboard template. Cereal boxes come in handy for this. I have a wooden cat ornament so I drew around the outline with a pencil.  
Next you need to seal the edges so it doesn't fray. I have used this PVA adhesive, which will wash out. If you intend to wash the item you are going to stitch your motifs onto you would be better to use clear nail varnish, or any other clear varnish.
You ned to paint it on around the edges on both sides with a small brush. Don't worry if  it gets a bit messy it will dry clear.
Then lay it onto something to dry, so it won't stick to it.
Here are my three pussycats, now what shall I decorate with them?
You can use any colours and any patterns. You can sew a lighter weight fabric onto a heavier one, but not the other way round. A piece of silk would not support a heavier denim say, it would distort the shape. Why not have a go at making your own decorative shapes?


  1. Glad your back in crafty mode MQ - i've missed your craft ideas.

  2. It looks like your cats are peeping out from behind a flower.
    Love from Mum

  3. What fabulous cat motives!! Thanks for the tip with the nail varnish. I might have a go at something similar to decorate chushion cover.

  4. Ooops. That should have said: cushion cover.

  5. i like the way you placed them on the fabric to get the flowers like that.

  6. What a fabulous make things look so easy!
    Jane x

  7. what are you going to do with them?


  8. I have been disappointed with the lack of crafting this winter too, but understand that you have been fully motivated by the good weather towards walking and healthy eating. I love the cats, such a great idea. x

  9. Put those in your window. I love the fabric.

  10. Hi Mum, I hadn't noticed the cats eye peeping out untill you mentioned it, it does look kind of cute.

    Gill, you will have to wait and see, it's a job in progress :o)

    I do apologise to my crafty readers for the lack of craft. My life is a mystery, I never know what I'm going to do next. A bit of this and a bit of that. Sometimes the ideas are there but sometimes they are not, that's when I get out and do something physical. It's difficult to please all of the people all of the time, as the saying goes. I try, but most importantly, my life is for me to live it as I think best. I cant do anything to order, I'm sorry, it's just how I am, a free spirit.

    I think most people just pick bits out, that's fine by me, because I pick bits out of other peoples blogs. I know some of my earlier readers have dropped out, maybe I have gone off in a different direction and they are no longer interested in what I have to say. That's fine. I don't expect loyalty, I dont expect adoration, and I don't expect people to drop everything to visit me here.

    Everything evolves, nothing stays the same. We either adapt or we look to pastures new. Please don't get the wrong message here, I love it that people read my blog, but if anyone chooses to say 'stuff it, nothing of interest, I'm off', I quite understand. I will try and be a bit more crafty, but I can't promise. Love you all.

  11. No critisicm intended MQ - it was a compliment ! just saying it's nice to see you crafting again.

  12. Hi what a lovely idea. I might try this.

  13. Hi wean, I didn't take it as criticism, I was a bit worried that I might be ignoring some of my crafty readers. I would hate anyone to think that.

  14. Love the shape of the cats, I can think of lots of ideas for those.
    Look forward to seeing what you produce.

  15. I, too, prefer hand-sewing to machine. Much more control. Think of it as coutoure crafting! These are lovely and I adore the cloth. Now, I have a new project... Yay! Come visit when you can.


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