Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Price checking in Hull

I decided to check out the new bus service today, number 55, which links up with the 350 bus to Hull. Sure enough it came down the High Street on time, picking up opposite the Post Office. I wasn't the only one, there were several more people who had the same idea. We got on the Hull bus within five minutes of geting off the 55, so not very long to wait. By the time we got to Barton the bus was pretty well packed, with several people standing. With me being a pensioner, I didn't feel obliged to give up my seat to anyone :o) There was no pregnant women or elderly people standing, so I sat tight. 
My first port of call was Winfields on Hessle Road, the gigantic outdoor and leisure camping shop. I wanted to check out the tents, and get some prices, also have a look round the camping equipment. I didn't buy anything because I don't make quick decisions, I like to weigh everything up first, so this was a fact finding mission. I must say though, there are some soopadoopa tents around now, huge things as big as bungalows. Talk about five star camping.
I had a walk round the city centre but I have to admit my heart wasn't really in it, the weather was a bit chilly. I sat in a warm shopping centre and ate my banana sandwich, and an orange and chocolate yoghurt. Then I had a bimble round the Ferens Art Gallery. That was quite nice. They had a lot of modern art on display, in what they call an 'Open Exhibition', which means anyone can enter their work.
I had a look round a few shops, but I wasn't in the mood. No point in looking if you don't need anything. I went in Curry's the electrical shop, and asked a nice young man if he could look at my camera for me. I couldn't get the flash to work, and a funny message comes up on the screen which I didn't understand. Maybe I have pressed something I shouldn't have pressed. It took him a minute to sort it, aha, there is the flash, thank you very much for your free help. 
I needed to get the 3.35pm bus back, to catch the connection, but I was fed up at 2.30pm, so I went in Tesco and had a bimble round there to kill a bit of time, and to check out some prices. There was a big display basket full of tinned tomatoes, with a price of 59p each on them. Good grief, I bought some similar, Italian chopped, on Friday from the Asian shop, at 29p a tin. What a bloomin rip off Tesco is on some things. I checked the yellow stickers, and bought two loaves of bread reduced from £1 to 25p. That will do me nicely thank you.  
I took a few snaps while I was in Hull. This is a beautiful old building on Hessle Road, a Temple. It's in a terrible state though, such a shame. The pigeons are flying in and out of that round window with no glass in it.  
This is an old pub, looks a bit of a dive, but very interesting architectually.
This is a theatre, and the tourist information centre.
This is the maritime museum.
And this is my favourite chocolate shop, I love Thorntons Continental. You will be pleased to know that I managed to resist temptation and come away empty handed. I actually stepped inside and stared longingly at my favourite treacle toffee, my hand came to within a few inches of the shelf, but I pulled back quickly. My goodness what am I thinking of, I was shocked. I had a treat at the weekend in Cleethorpes, a big slice of lemon meringue tart with lashings of cream, and a gooey hot chocolate drink. I am not due for another treat just yet. Maybe another day.  
So, I spent the grand total of 50p today. I'm proud of myself, my self restraint shows no let ups. The more you can resist, the easier it gets. I am not dead because I didn't get my toffee, and my teeth are better for it. Toodle pip.


  1. How strange. My late Mum worked as a nurse in Hull during the War, but I have never been there. Nice to see some of the fine old buildings she must have walked past. I wonder if she had a drink in that pub?!

    That sounds a good day out and at least you found some bargain bread!

  2. I rather like to look in stores even when I cannot afford their wares or I have no intention of buying and need nothing. It's sort of like a cultural adventure, seeing all that is the latest. If we had new bus service, I certainly would have to have a ride.

  3. Shame your heart wasn't really in it - but you can't be 'full of the joys' every day.
    At least you did what you wanted, i.e. checked out the new bus, I'm sure it will be well used in the future.

  4. I live in Hull and it is lovely that you come to visit us occasionally - though that Christmas shop a few months ago in the old post office was dire wasn't it. I am saddened though by some of our old buildings like the Temple which are left to rot like that. Perhaps when the wind turbine factory is up and running we will see some investment here.
    Next time come on a sunny day and have your picnic on the marina - that's my favourite place. I might even join you if you don't mind.

  5. Hi East Yorkie Frugalite. The Temple is a magnificent building, it is so sad that it has fallen into disrepair. I can imagine what it might look like all cleaned up and given a new lease of life. It is part of our heritage which should be cherished. I would love to meet for a picnic in the summer. I like the marina when it is full of life, lots to look at.

    D Warbler, your mum could well have sat in that pub many years ago. I went in about twelve years ago, a bit rough round the edges but the people were friendly enough.

    Hi PP, I agree with the cultural adventure, nothing like seeing how the other half live to remind yourself of how your simple life is important to you. I was looking for a few small items, but was blinded by so much junk I couldn't bring myself to buy anything.

  6. I'd better not tell you about the very large box of continental choccy's given to me yesterday by my son for my Birthday today, like you they are my favourite.
    Hull looks interesting but run down, shame when these lovely buildings are allowed to go to ruin.

  7. Haha long live the resistance!
    I made some toffee at home once and it pulled out a filling :P

  8. We took my mum to Hull a couple of years ago for her birthday as she wanted to go to the Deep (huge aquarium) and we were lucky that it was such a bright sunny day. We went into Queens Gardens to see the fountains and the flowers, there is a lovely building opposite the gardens that has bright painted frescos on it. Went to see King Billy's statue, and the old buildings near it, found the Land of Green Ginger too! The market is interesting and there's an old arcade nearby with unusual shops in it. Topped it off with the visit to the Deep and it made a great day out! Oh forgot to mention fish and chips for lunch - I think they are the best you can get anywhere :0)

  9. Replies
    1. He was the Dutch prince, William of Orange who defeated James 11 (Hull had a republican leaning at the time)

  10. My sort of day entirely - AND you bought the bread reduced that you needed anyway. I try to resist treats and you are right, it does get easier; the trouble is if I start I dont stop and want something every time I m out.
    Went downtown Chicago the other day; free day at the Art Insitute and a nice picnic at Water Tower Place. Half price on the train (which used to be free but they revoked it) On the walk back to the station there was a huge outdoor party for the Oreo cookie which is 100 years old this year and they were giving out free cookies and cartons on milk so had some of that. The whole day was about $5.

  11. I would've had that chocolate bought and eaten within 10 seconds flat! I am totally in awe of your self discipline! Mind you I did do my weekly shop today and resisted the urge to buy a magazine! Do I get a bronze star at least?

    Linda xx

  12. Hello,

    I couldn't find an email address on your site so I thought I'd leave a comment. I thought you may be interested in attending the Write on Finance Blog Up in Leeds 22-23 September 2012:

    I'd appreciate any feedback on what sort of topics/activities you'd like be featured during the event.

    Regards Karen

  13. Hi Karen, My email address is on the right hand side, under the heading 'I am here'. Read dot and at, as . @ I will check out your link. Thanks.

  14. I like the Hull art gallery but never go to the modern bit! I wander through from the oldest paintings up to the Victorian ones.

    I haven't been for quite a while though - I wonder if my favourite painting is still there! I am due a trip out so might have to go and check.

    I have thought about taking my camera around Hull but worried that I would be to conspicuous - paranoid I guess!!

  15. I'm new here, just found your blog & have been enjoying reading all of your past posts.
    Thanks so much for the great pictures & the commentary to go with them. I live in a small rural town in Ontario, Canada & have ancestors from your fine country (about 9 generations ago). Someday I intend to visit & have a look around, but in the meantime, your pictures are making me realize that there are a lot of interesting sites to see.

  16. What beautiful buildings, shame that the temple is being left to rot. I like that treacle toffee too but haven't had any in a very long time.

    Did you see the sign on the Hotel about Lorry Drivers restaurant? You could qualify, perhaps.


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